With the Switch, Nintendo is getting right what the PlayStation Vita got wrong

Even before its reveal, the Nintendo Switch felt like it had to be a console with a singular purpose. It was to be the machine to unify Nintendo’s split hardware platforms – the consistently barnstorming handheld wing, and the increasingly limp-footed home consoles – into a single, successful entity, that could be served with a solid stream of games regardless of the company’s lack of latter-era third-party support.

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MVGeneral601d ago

Ps4 got right what any nintendo consoles ever got wrong.

It's unfair to compare a last gen with what supposedly is a new gen console.

freshslicepizza601d ago

why, you learn from the past and sony didn't learn for handheld.

OtakuDJK1NG-Rory600d ago

we heard that before with Wii U being compared to PS3 and X360.

Fist4achin601d ago

They are. They definitely are. I still love my Vita though. I feel like this comparison is not fair comparing two consoles generations apart. Hey, the ps4 got right what the intelivision got wrong.

601d ago
Takato_Mon601d ago (Edited 601d ago )

I don't have a switch and I don't hate it, so it is welcome to succeed but I do own two vitas.
Now getting to your point... So people didn't want to play AAA games, like uncharted, on the bus because it wasn't a great fit and because of that "Sony realised it error, but alas it realised too late." It realized what to late? Give me some freaking examples. Then you mention the "Vita last couple of years" , when in fact It continues on.

I couldn't continue reading, let me give you some advice, just stop, Stop being a journalist.

MeteorPanda601d ago

Ikr? I play a few games on vita cauae lm really not into the whole jrpg fan service shit thats everywhere but goddan ifdont starve, freedom wars, toukiden and god eater donnt take up most my gamming time

Ppl are silly

andrewsquall601d ago

Memory cards, that is all. Everything else was ace and it even is a great media player too with DLNA support. Cross Buy/Play is awesome since launch in February 2012 and still lives on across PS4 games too.

joab777601d ago

The difference is this...Zelda! And a few years time. All in all if the Switch releases without Zelda, uts flaws are highlighted to an exponential degree, and its viability is highly questioned!

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The story is too old to be commented.