The Xbox One is struggling because video game exclusives still matter

We’re three months into 2017 and it’s already unusually crowded with great exclusive video games. The PlayStation 4 is on a hot streak.

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UCForce2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Yes, exclusive does matter. Look at HZD, it sold about 2.6 million units. I can bet Zelda Breath of the Wild going to sell a lot of units.

GtR35olution2376d ago

People like to pick narratives to fit their delusions so when people say exclusives dont matter theyre just being silly. Exclusives matter a lot but because certain people console of choice might be lacking in certain areas like not garnering a lot of exclusive titles then they chant these things trying to convince others and themselves. Exclusives games are a major point in a lot of people choosing to buy a gaming platform over another . Ps3 managed to outsell the x360 which was ahead by 10million because sony had a lot more exclusive titles.

Kingthrash3602376d ago

Though I will point out that the Xbox has been struggling long before it did away with exclusives.
Xbox problems go far beyond that.
But exclusives are KEY. No matter how ms flips it.

NewMonday2376d ago

recently there is a trend of Xbox only die hards jumping ship to the PS4, the last bastion of holdouts finally joined the biggest gaming community in the world.

the combination of regular Playstation exclusives and Xbox high profile cancellations made the difference.

SardoNumspa2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

"Xbox problems go far beyond that. "


For a developer or publisher looking at Microsoft - why would they bother to support them? Microsoft has a history of dumping their hardware mid generation. And they don't have enough confidence in their console to bother creating exclusive content for it or acquire first party developers to create enough content to compete with Sony.

For a gamer you have the same concerns as developers and publishers with Microsoft's history of leaving gamers in the lurch. Dumping the first Xbox marketplace failure after only 3.5 years. Or when Microsoft saw the Wii fad in full force they effectively said F you to existing Xbox 360 owners and tried to turn their console into some mom and grandma motion control machine.

The Xbox One is bombing in sales just as badly as the first Xbox - both have sold only about 24 million after 3.5 years on the market.

It isn't any sort of amazing coincidence that the Xbox One without the RRoD inflating its installed base numbers by tens of millions is right back to selling at the same low first Xbox numbers. And just like the first Xbox, almost entirely in the US and UK while being dead in Japan and mainland Europe.

Scorpio looks like Microsoft is finnaly throwing in the towel on competing with Sony and is instead trying to salvage the wreckege of the failed Xbox brand by turning it into some sort of Microsoft branded gaming PCs.

Even if Microsoft did have exclusives worth buying there just aren't that many people willing to invest hundreds to thousands of dollars of that trainwreck of a console.

TheUndertaker852376d ago

@NewMonday: I owned 3 PS4s, numerous Vitas & PS3s, along with multiple other PlayStation consoles. I now own a Xbox One.

Many titles for PlayStation 4 are remasters or little throw away titles. The level of excitement is also lower than PS3 and previous consoles due to exactly that. LittleBigPlanet, Uncharted, Resistance, and other IPs all marked new progress in the way games were done. They introduced something new. Then most returning IPs weren't simply rehashed versions of past games. Sure there were some but not to the level of now. Most returning IPs looked to bring something new to the franchise.

Further the money grubbing tactics like PS Now instead of backwards compatibility which PS4 should at least be able to do for PS2 & PSOne games, turning away from no mandatory fee for online play, the way they decided to handle services like PlayStation Home, and other poor choices seem to have made Sony a different company but not in an appealing way to me.

SardoNumspa2376d ago

TheUndertaker85: "Many titles for PlayStation 4 are remasters or little throw away titles. The level of excitement is also lower than PS3 and previous consoles due to exactly that"

The PS4 is outpacing the the 160 million selling PS2 - the top selling console of all time.

The PS4 has had the single largest flood of high rated exclusives of any console in history in 2017.

So, yeah, low excitement and nothing but throwaway titles for the PS4.


BlackTar1872376d ago


PS4 games are throw aways or small or whatever else you said but then you talk about owning Xbox one now a system that can't even sustain any type of games releases thru out a year.

You, sir, are full of it. Also your same point against PS is against xbox as well so again WTF are you saying again?

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Muzikguy2375d ago


Throw away titles? There have been so many games this generation on the PS4 that it's just insane. For me, this generation has been one of the best. I remember during the PS2 I was feeling like there was a drought and started to think I should stop gaming for awhile. With the PS4, there are many games I've yet to buy and so many upcoming that I want. I also have a backlog that is probably one year at least, if I were to not get any more games. I'd say this is probably one of the best generations in gaming.

darthv722375d ago

I wish there were better exclusives, not just more. I know that something like Horizon is possible on the xb1 but there is no team in MS that is/was/has been able to do it. I have always said to myself that if a dev like naughty dog or insomniac were to break free from Sony and make a game on other platforms they they could likely really show that platforms strengths as well.

Insomniac DID make a game for xb1 and it IS very fun but also not to the same level of polish they are known to do with their Ratchet games. It isn't the platform... it's the choices that MS basically laid out for them in order to make a game. I like the platform and I enjoy the games but DAMN IT!!! MS has to give up creative control and let these companies approach these projects with as much freedom as Sony gives it's developers.

TheUndertaker852375d ago

@SardoNumspa: So what you're saying is I should be excited about total sales of a console rather than what the console does or offers me? Check. Forgot the me too factor beats all here.

I'm also interested to know where innovation comes into play by flooding the market with "exclusives" but shooters flood the market all the time but yet that's not. Many even outpacing the ratings of exclusives.

@BlackTar187: I applaud you sir. You can explain what is wrong with my comment and position without even fully grasping or attempting to discern the full intent and even admitting as much. I however have over a terabyte of content that says you're full of it anyway. Even those exclusives Xbox does offer. If you are referring to the pay for online comment good reading. Microsoft brought Gold long before Plus even. Sony claimed for some time they would not go the same route, pushing that point with PS3 & Vita. Yet PS4 has paid online. In other words Microsoft brought it at their own terms, Sony commented they wouldn't follow the path but did. It's not about paying for online as I have Gold and had Plus since inception. It's about being honest which Sony was not.

@MuzikGuy: Your comment is flat out face palm worthy. Why do I care about NUMBERS over QUALITY OR OFFERING? PS4 offering so much doesn't make the library better but maybe more vast. Even then as was pointed out many of those same titles are remasters or throw away titles. You further talk about a backlog meaning you haven't played those titles along with titles you want to buy but also tells me you haven't played them. So while you're talking about offerings you're continuing to say that a bunch haven't even been worth your time yet if at all.

BlackTar1872375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

LOL @ Undertaker your response is a joke

candystop2375d ago

All of this madness from the Sony side to try and slow down the momentum of Scorpio. All i will say is games are coming as well as exclusives. There was a time Sony even struggled with exclusives and all we would hear is patience, so i ask you motor mouths to do the same. Also last gen ps3 and xbox 360 practically tied in sales. Xbox 360 had more games especially when you add in XNA but you will always hear claims from those that dont know jack!

Muzikguy2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )


Way to completely construe what I've said. The reason for my backlog is because I have a lot of games and no time to play them. It's not because I don't find them worthy of my time. Games upcoming that I want are ones I'm interested in buying but again, I know I don't have much time to play them. Doesn't mean I don't or won't pick them up. Games in the past that I don't have yet also have nothing to do with finding them time-worthy. I have to have money to buy the games I want. Between bills, the wife, and raising my son, I have to make choices

dcbronco2375d ago

Many, if not most, say Nintendo has the best exclusives. Yet Nintendo has ended up third in two of the last three generations. Sony's president came out and said six or seven of ten exclusives lose money. If exclusives were such a huge selling point six or seven would be profitable.

With a 50 million install base 2 million units means 4% of the owners bought a game. That is not important. There is no amount of spin that can change that. The majority are in it for the big titles. With the exception of a few titles with each manufacturer, the big games are the bread and butter.

The only people that believe otherwise are a few that frequent gaming sites. I do applaud Sony's pushing unique experiences that cater to their home audience, but Sony knows going in they aren't console sellers or profit producers.

rainslacker2375d ago

The most talked about games on consoles are always exclusives when it comes to fan boy discussion, so I'd say they matter.

Maybe in the grander scheme of things, with the consumer and what not, they aren't as important, but I think we can all agree, regardless of console preference, that it's the games that matter. Because of this, if one console has more games, with more of those games having a chance of appealing to more people, that it's probably going to be a more attractive console.

DAEMONIFEAR2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

At the end of both their cycles the last 11months is when Sony pulled ahead with ps3 after price drops were finally realistic and yeah they finally had games

Ceaser98573612375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )


" I owned 3 PS4s, numerous Vitas & PS3s, along with multiple other PlayStation consoles. I now own a Xbox One. "
"Many titles for PlayStation 4 are remasters or little throw away titles. The level of excitement is also lower than PS3 "

Surprising you say you owe so many stuff from Sony and just got the Xbox one and you speak like Xbox fanboy.. Anyways that's something a xbox fanboy would say, nevermind..

Well were you aware of those games released on PS3 early? Also are you aware that the PS3 got release around 2006 /7 ? Also i hope you understand the quality and the budget and the risk and so many other factors have increased since PS2 era to PS3 era to PS4 era.. The PS4 did started with Shadowfall and Second Son as launch release and that's fine you cant expect 4 to 5 AAA exclusives in a year. There are more Third party devs now also Sony needs to place their Exclusive such that they dont clash with a major third party games.. Exclusive sales Console and with over 55 mil units PS4 has moved i am sure its doing great.. That being said This E3 gonna be amazing like last year..

Utalkin2me2375d ago

When you have alot of great exclusive and have better 3rd party games then the competitors its a recipe for success. While Ms wasted money on other things, they should have putting money into first party studios.

frostypants2375d ago (Edited 2375d ago )

Yep. If exclusives didn't matter there'd be little reason for multiple systems to even exist beyond sundry graphical differences. The drive to sell system hardware pushes first party devs to make games that might not otherwise happen in a market devoid of console competition. And people forget, exclusives have ALWAYS been a thing going back to the first video game systems. This industry would be so dull without exclusives.

Unspoken2375d ago

PlayStation, the console where you need as many new games as possible because their games are only good for one play through. One of the main problems with PlayStation exclusives is the lack of replay-ability. Whatever floats your boat, no PS4 here and haven't had any issues with playing new games or having favorites with strong multiplayer to go back to again and again.

Critic4l_Strik32375d ago

@ Undertaker

You went full retard

fiveby92375d ago

I like and support first party exclusives. I am not a big fan of third party timed exclusivity.

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lelo2play2376d ago (Edited 2376d ago )

Everybody with half a brain know that exclusives matter.

If not for exclusive games, then what's the point of owning a specific console?
Microsoft execs fail to understand that simple logic.

Eonjay2376d ago

With Microsoft it is understandable because how do they leverage PC? Like how? Still that doesn't take away the fact that they don't have exclusives. But Xbox isn't really struggling. The main thing is that PlayStation is more popular period and that the Xbox One was designed to well, preventing Microsoft from selling 3 units to the same person. Their actual base is probably around 30 million. Its one of the reasons for Scorpio. They have almost maxed out their Market share and now they need those same folks to buy a new console. 30 million is a really good number if you can get them to buy hardware over and over. Even better for Sony but I think Microsoft wants to make sure that no one is satisfied with the Xbox One so you are compelled to get the new system. Whatever games they have will only be released when the Scorpio is released. To hell and be damned with the Xbox One. Its time for the base to upgrade.

uth112376d ago

I think to the higher ups at MS, protecting Windows gaming from the threat of SteamOS getting a foothold was more important. So windows got the Xbox exclusives to the detriment of Xbox.

UltraNova2375d ago


You Sir get it. They lost to Sony so they had to protect all that remained...windows gaming.

darthv722376d ago

I agree with this notion. It really sucks there arent more games for the XB1 (exclusive or otherwise). I will say that the only exclusive games should be those by the parent company or its subsidiaries. All 3rd party devs / pubs should be open to the public.

No doubt there are a crap ton of exclusive games on PS4 that should not be exclusive to begin with. But... I got a PS4 so it's no big deal. To those with only an XB1 then they should get with the program and get a PS4. I find that they compliment each other quite nicely.

81BX2376d ago

I think there is this common misconception that because a console doesn't have games you like it has no games. Not true at all.

Fist4achin2375d ago

I think gaming is in a bit of a flux right now bc at the beginning of this generation, Ms tried to push always online gaming. With MS thinking they know what's​better for everyone, it hurt them pretty bad. PS is doing well right now and I can't think of a better time to game on my PS4 bc of all the exclusives.

I hope physical media sticks around for a long time, but every generation seems to be making steps towards that future.

I don't want to see Ms go away bc competition is always a good thing and it can drive an industry in good directions.

The scary thing is that I see the future of gaming being a subscription service based industry with consoles disappearing. Exclusives will then drive the fans towards the subscriptions.

darthv722375d ago

Well obviously the platform has games. That is such a tired argument and I tend to laugh at those who try to use it (not you 81BX). I just wish the system had better games in general. I get the feeling that MS has all these ideas and when they want a company to make a game then they start contradicting themselves with other ideas that can be counter productive with their first set of ideas.

They need to let up on the reigns if they want to achieve the quality of games like what Sony's teams are capable of delivering. They also need to have patience and not be in a rush. If they had more games in development and spaced them out accordingly then they wouldnt be in a rush all the time around the holidays.

I have to admit that the way Sony delivers is significantly better than how MS does it. Chalk that up to experience and knowing your target demographic.

Aceman182375d ago

Please explain the exclusives shouldn't be exclusives part for me lol.