LittleBigPlanet Beta Intro Is Down Right Creative

GameXtract writes "If you haven't already heard, has got 5,800 beta keys for the highly anticipated title, LittleBigPlanet. The best part is that as soon as you grab your key you can head straight over to PSN, and start downloading the beta. The downside is that Eurogamer is currently vomiting all over their servers. Currently the site is crawling to the point where accessing one page will take FOREVER. Putting that aside some have managed to push, and shove their way in, and receive their beta code. Gameanyone has even gone ahead, and taped the first few minutes of the beta. Some people fail to read the rules of a beta, but hey, that just means for footage for us! The tutorial they show to users is both creative, and exciting in a Sackboy way. Be sure to check out the intro video after the jump!"

Watch the video after the jump!

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Zydake4075d ago

dammit i got out of school that time but i went to the doctors after..

marinelife94075d ago

I couldn't even log into Eurogamer at all today.

Even the tutorial looks fun.

gaffyh4075d ago

I gotta say, that is a pretty awesome intro.

KillaManiac4075d ago

I must say....

The Beta is everything I expected and more.

When I log on with 3 other people online and all I hear is laughing from grown men playing this game....its COMPLETE SUCCESS.

Liquid Dust4075d ago

Yea the beta is a ton of fun! and the narrator is the same one as the guy who did Hitchhikers guide to the galaxy!!! check it out at 54seconds!

Peow4075d ago

Bubbles for the Hitchhikers reference, though you beat me to it. Hehe.

And not that you even need those precious bubbles x.x

meepmoopmeep4075d ago

best intro ever!

it's funny how he says "Planet Earth" hehe

it should seriously be an ad on TV

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Shadow Man4075d ago

are u phucking kidding there was nothing amazing about that is AA at best. Tell ME whats so great about that? GRRRAAAAAAAAAAARRAAAAAAAAAAA!

dukadork4075d ago

reminds me of monty python and terry gilliam, great stuff

kudos MM!!
the PS3 killer app is here, listen to the powerless bots crying xD

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi4075d ago

@dukadork ;)
Yeah it's very British ;-D +That music is from 'Morph' i think, not sure tho. Loved it!!!;)

Must SUCK owning a xBox 360!!! ;-D

-Poor Xbot-4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

Yes it does :(

I want to play beyond!!!

4075d ago
solidjun54075d ago

you sound stressed, jealous and just plain ole grouchy.

Freezingduck4075d ago

Don't worry when you grow older, you will understand

juuken4075d ago

Shadow Man, was that mangled bot talk I hear?
You're jealous...I can tell. :)

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tuney414075d ago

Eurogamer was raped in the butthole today

Atomic4075d ago

they are the one to blame.
they went naked outside flaunting their little big pu$$y.

Killjoy30004075d ago

And nearly bled to death from a 13 inch phallus.

TheColbertinator4075d ago

Whoa guys,keep it clean please :)

juuken4075d ago

A bit too graphical guys. o_o

The gaming GOD4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

But they do have a point

What did Eurogamer expect to happen? This game is EXTREMELY anticipated. Their site was destined to get overloaded like that

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alan0014075d ago

spare key anyone? please!!!!!!!!!! tnx

vitz34075d ago

sure guy use this
*i hope you're hitting refresh


alan0014075d ago

it doesnt work, :( ow well...