This 3D printed Switch dock is better than Nintendo's effort

Much better than the default dock. Nintendo, are you listening?

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MasterCornholio1479d ago

It does look much better to me.

ninsigma1479d ago

That is actually much nicer than the official one!

bangoskank1479d ago

I actually like Nintendo's design better.

_-EDMIX-_1479d ago

I know right when it's destroying your screen that's totally the best /s

bangoskank1478d ago

My screen is fine because I don't dock it like an idiot.

_-EDMIX-_1479d ago

My biggest issue with Nintendo is they were so desperate to try to make a whole bunch of attention with the dock in terms of trying to Market this big hunk of plastic to try to make people pretend as if there's something amazing happening inside of their, that they let the design be bulky to try to convey this complex device in reality it hurt the actual device by scratching the screen

it was just not practical and it tells me that this company cared more about trying to pretend it was this complex device then they cared about even the screen itself or users.

For god sakes just give us the damn cord and call it a day , at least give the option for the cord

It's almost like they're scared to give up the illusion cuz once people start seeing the cords for sale will start realizing just how fake this company is in trying to hide the true nature of all that damn plastic. Lol

To a lot of people it's like going behind the curtain in seeing the Wizard of Oz.

Yes people the huge hunk of plastic is simply just an HDMI out and USB hub 😂😂😂

LackTrue4K1479d ago

Ya, they made the dock look like it was adding some performance to make it run better on the big screen...

When in fact it's just a smile hdmi plug.

Testfire1478d ago

I like the aesthetics of Nintendo's dock better, but this 3D printed version has better functionality.

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