Sony Reveals Slate Of New PSVR Games

A slate of new PlayStation VR (PSVR) games have been revealed, coming out of Sony's China Hero Project supporting developers in the country.

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AizenSosuke1543d ago

Damn Sony at it again, with the dev support ;) bring in games.

Last_Boss1542d ago

I want to see a Rocket League update with this.

Guyfamily9991542d ago

Support is always good but that would NOT work haha. Puke city.

opinionated1542d ago

I like the look of a lot of those. The one that really stands out for me is project x by komogames(?). It has the crouching tiger feel and could be the Chinese nioh for me. It didn't look as polished as a team ninja game but it looked fun. China should absolutely make the next jade empire instead of bioware. I hope those Chinese devs do well and create more titles for the west. I always thought Chinese devs focus more on the local online and mobile markets, so good on Sony if they took the initiative.

thorstein1542d ago

Wow. Pervader... nice. Again, sending love our way. So many good games for this.

sampson31211542d ago (Edited 1542d ago )

this is a part of the reason why sony is respected in the development community.

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