A new engine for Mass Effect Andromeda “was a radical move” says BioWare |

The developer of Mass Effect Andromeda reveals the challenges it faced in moving the Mass Effect series to a new game engine.

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666d ago
tigertron666d ago

They should have stuck with UE4.

joab777666d ago

Yep. But it's EA and they had access. Kinda sucks because this is an amazing game in so many ways! Bigger and better in almost every way... Almost!

Spike20XX666d ago

yea, despite all the criticism, it's a good game and i'm enjoying it.

SolidGear3666d ago

Dumb move.. should've stuck with what you knew best (Unreal)

Sciurus_vulgaris666d ago

Pretty much all EA titles are built using Frostbite Engine, as the company doesn't have to pay licensing for it.

showtimefolks666d ago

but you can't blame that for average story and too many fetch quests

UltimaDTG666d ago

the thing is ea have a ton of people at various studios who have been working with frostbite 3 on different kinds of games. Why didnt they bring any in to help out from the start? The real issues seem to be poor management and maybe a lack of talent now most original staff are gone/working on other things

RevXM666d ago

Agreed, being a relatively fresh studio with no prior experience with frostbite may result in some difficulties, but they had 5 years and some technical errors are understandable but writing and animations aren't really engine bound, I mean other Frostbite games have pretty dandy looking animations and they had 5 years, did no one over at this Bioware team look over the animations and think maybe they should get help or fix them or do them over again at some point like, those animations might would have gotten a pass in 2002, its 2017 now what the hell.

This is a management issue for sure. the game should have had probably a another year or two in developement to edit the writing and do dialogue and animations over while ironing out bugs and technical mistakes like... you can see stars through planets and rain drops are as big as yogaballs, and characters glitch and pop in and out of existence, and lock up in T poses, guns being held backwards and what not.

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