X-Play: Resistance 2 Multiplayer & Co-Op Interview

"In the upcoming Resistance 2, the Chimera have crossed the Atlantic and managed to get a foothold on American soil. This highly anticipated title from Insomniac Games is surely going to be one of the biggest releases this fall, and most certainly a Game of the Year contender.

Recently, X-Play sat down with Senior Designers Jake Biegel and Mike Roloson about the multiplayer aspect of Resistance 2, including 60-player battles and 8-player Co-Op campaigns.

For more on Resistance 2, including an interview with Insomniac Founder & CEO Ted Price, make sure to tune in to X-Play, Tonight @ 8PM ET, only on G4!"

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MAR-TYR-DOM4069d ago

1:47! Who needs left 4 dead?

himdeel4069d ago

...for all the squad based multiplay now. Looking like a good time to me.

Overr8ed4069d ago

Yo this looks better then the Private Beta videos. GOTY contender for sure.

DFresh4069d ago

Simply amazing.
Best shooter of 2008 hands down.
Can't wait to get the Collector's Edition of the game in November.