Jaw-Dropping Resistance 2 Screenshots

22 New Resistance 2 Images that will blow your mind!Enjoy

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Flops ''R'' Us4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Resistance 2>>>>>>>G ears of War 2

cmrbe4068d ago

Gears 2 will still be a great game even though it won't be that much better than the first.

I have alot of respect for EPIC and especially for Mark Rein.

Its not fair to compare a TPS to a FPS anyways. Uncharted actully would be a better comparison to gears.

trancefreak4068d ago

they will be both great but r2 sure does look good wow cant wait

AngryBot4068d ago

All xbots just got OWNED AND PWNED HARD.

See, EVERYTHING STUPID XBOTS say, have been proven to be fking GOLDEN LIES.

Hahaha. They also said Gays at war 1.5 will be bigger than Resistance 2.

But the truth comes out eventually and today Resistance 2 PWNED gays at war like a 50 year old new york hooker getting slapped by a 70 year old pimp.


Today, without any doubt, Resistance 2 is now bigger, better and MORE BADASS THAN GAYS at WAR 1.5.

It fking SUCKS to be an XBOT, people!

LarVanian4068d ago

I agree with you about Mark Rein. He is someone who deserves to be highly respected.
The same cannot be said for Cliffy B however. That man is quite possibly the biggest ass-hole in the gaming media.

cmrbe4068d ago

Mark Rein was the only dev that came out quite strongly in support of the PS3 when it launched when everyone was bashing the PS3. He basically used common sense unlike most and argued that PS3 without a doubt will be dominant in the future. He earn my respect for using common sense and saw things as they were back then and how things will eventually turn out.

ELite_Ghost4068d ago


AngryBot4068d ago

Wipe Out HD IGN review – 9 (Without any doubt Triple A)
Resistance 2 MILES ahead of GeOw 1.5
WKC best JRPG since slicebread
3 more Level 5 games confirmed for PS brand.
Level 5 confirmed to be new Squaresoft.


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Ghoul4068d ago

Awesome style and graphics :D

cant wait for my collectors edition

callahan094068d ago

first game was fun, this one is super-pretty, i think i'm gonna like this one.

thor4068d ago

Most games this gen look good in low-res screenshots, and when you look at it in HD there are aliasing issues, you can see the individual polygons on the models, the lack of detail on the textures. This game looks phenominal in HD and if the anti-aliasing is like that we're sure to be in for a visual feast.

Looking at the gameplay videos as well it looks like 8-player co-op has been nailed, 60-player MP has been nailed, and SP looks pretty (but I'm still unsure about the "only 2 weapons" thing).

LikAChicken4068d ago

I personally like the two weapons thing. I'd rather go for a little realism in that department. hmm...maybe just me i guess. It's probably for the better maybe, so no one person collects ALL or most of the weapons on a map then is unstoppable. Kind of balances things out I think

Elimin84068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Will be putting up some serious resistance come Nov 4th

fanboi hater4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

but i still like the muted art style of the first better it seemed to fit the chimera better. To me it just doesn't feel quite like resistance anymore, but it still looks really good. My only other gripe is some of the artistic design choices such as the new auger shields. I do not like how they're rounded i proffered the flat shields in the first, as it added a tactical element to their use. I am also opposed to some of the design changes on both of the auger and bullseye, both artistically and functionally. The new auger is underpowered and has a more rapid fire rate which seems to take away from how it was originally used. As well as the fact that it allows you to see through walls regardless of if you're chimeran, and the bullseye now illuminates the target when tagged. This seems to completely disregard the abilities of the chimeran rage. However some of the other weapons such as the magnum are fantastic. I also love some of the new enemy types such as the grim and the chameleon. Overall i respect the fact that insomniac has listened to the complaints and wants of the community such as color, however i wish they would have stuck a little closer to the roots of the first game artistically and design wise instead of trying to vary the older weapons so much. Nevertheless it will still be a great game, and it looks great, but only time will tell if i will truly enjoy it more than the first.

(as a note, regardless if you believe me or not, i was in the private beta which is the basis for my complaints on weapon design. Yet i hope to see all the changes and updated graphics in the open beta that were omitted in the private beta)

another note in all of my time playing i only used the chimeran rage once as it is like a perk now instead of occurring when u sprint kinda don't like it but i guess its to help balance humans and chimera, which was a huge complaint in the first

cahill4068d ago

R2 is GOTY 2008

By the way look at these

R2 looks better than Gears 2

that looks better than anything on Gears 2

all these are ingame screens not BULLSHOTS with 32AA like those of GEARS 2

ape0074068d ago

those screens looks AMAAAZING


Nineball21124068d ago

I was also in the private beta and I can back up SOME of what you mention.

Yeah, the auger is/was underpowered. It was still useful (since you can see through walls) but I think it's a bit more balanced as compared to the other weapons.

I thought the shottie was COMPLETELY useless in the beta as it was the weakest weapon (then).

The magnum was a bit overpowered (IMO). It's a nice weapon addition though and it's a great fallback weapon.

From what I've read/heard ( here is a podcast from IG /podcast.php ) IG has listened to the suggestions we all made during the beta and are working to address the main ones.

You also posted: "Nevertheless it will still be a great game, and it looks great"

I agree 100% with this. This is probably going to get MOST of my gaming time for quite a while. I loved the first one and R2 is going to rock.

It's going to be an unbelievable value for $60.00 too... A fantastic SP campaign, A VERY cool 8 person co-op, and a really great MP with multiple types of modes and up to 60 players!

My time will be in co-op A LOT and I love the 60 player skirmish mode.

It may not be as highly rated as MGS4, but it'll get played alot more than MGS4 (as far as I'm concerned).

Koolaid4067d ago

Let's set a few things straight for the f*cking idiots below.

R2 is looking awesome. Anyone can see that. Both Gears 2 and R2 are going to be awesome games, without a doubt. Anyone who tries to discredit the other on the grounds of the console they own is a fool. I'm getting a bit sick and tired of fanboys trying to argue which is the better game.

Another point, anyone who has tried to use the differance in the two games multiplayer is obviously a retard. R2 would suck with 5v5. Gears would suck with 60 players. Simple fact. You can't compare.

Secondly, the colours. R2 looks amazing and its bright colourful environments suit it. Gears on the other hand suits its dark gritty look and feel. Its what that game is about. A colourful gears? It would ruin the games feel. Gore is the only colour gears needs.

I own both PS3 and 360, and will be enjoying both games. If you don't have anything worthwhile or constructive to say about the topics or games, then stfu you miserable fanboy twat.

Oh yeah, and the people getting picky over the GOW/GeOW acronym, you all seriously need to get a f*cking life.

King_many_layers4067d ago

sony are really sharing around that HDR lighting and DAMN is it impressive. Look at the Chimera coming out of the smoke, that looks fantastic.

are the Images 12 and 4 art work ??

I'm guessing so, but the character / gun models look In Game.

fanboi hater4065d ago

did i ever say the game looked bad or did i ever compare it to gears .... no
i only said that i proffered the art style of the first

and then i clearly stated that it still looks amazing so i see no need for your comment (or at least being directed at me)

anyways i cant wait to play the full game

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Silogon4068d ago

I guess the ps3 is at it's end and tapped for power. They look alright, but it's not the leap you all were telling me to expect. Not at all. It's a shame that the best looking game this gen will be on "said" inferior xbox 360 hardware with GOW2.

TheHater4068d ago

have you not seen Killzone 2, or Heavy Rain? I guess not

Drekken4068d ago

Bi-Polar blindness to the max.

ChefDejon4068d ago

shrinked resistance 2 from 60 player multiplayer, 8 player co-op, 2 campaigns, and large environments to 10 player multiplayer, 2 player co-op, 1 campaign, and small environments then resistance 2 would look way better than gears 2

Silogon4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

No blindness here. You all said they'd blow my mind and they didn't. Remember my post last night? Want me to get it for you?

I said you all would be wrong and you were.

You all are here trying to save face cause these look average at best. It looks only marginally better than Resistance 1 and they had 2 years to work on it. That doesn't say much for the oh so powerful cell, does it?

no, it doesn't.

In fact, if this is all they can get out of the cell after 2 years then consider a severance pay, Insomniac.

DiabloRising4068d ago

Gears of War 2 is the best looking game?

Gaming is doomed then, to a sea of screen tearing, small player counts, grays and browns, plastic textures, and DISTANCE FOG.


SmokeyMcBear4068d ago

ahahahahahah....wait.. wait....ahahahahahaha.. owww... my sides... ahahahahahaha... tapped... ahahhaha. The PS3 isnt even getting started my friend

solidjun54068d ago

This bi-polar mentality used to make me chuckle, but now it makes me...*Yawn*...sorry, I'm a bit tired here. Now it's just boring.

Silogon seems to have a pattern, although I can't confirm it, but i'll say I did because I'm addicted to that anime Deathnote and I like L. His pattern is that he'll say crazy things until his bubbles reaches 1 and then he'll go back to the other side of his bi-polar until he regains 2-3 more bubbles.

MetalProxy4068d ago

are people gonna still talk about Halo 3 after this game comes out? (Nope)

gaffyh4068d ago

I agree with you God Of War 2 does look amazing, but it's PS2 exclusive so I dunno wtf you are talking about for Xbox 360 0_o.

(btw, I know u mean Gears of War 2, which is GeOW2, get it right. Also these screens are from "almost completed" game, so it could still look even better).

nieto4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

are you out of your mind siligon?! this sh1t looks insane!!!! 0_0

seriously i'm impress! ;-D <-- even the floor looks amazing!

look at the rich environment, the fire, the smoke, the guns, the character models, all the high res textures. are you F*****G blind?!!! i mean, what you were expecting?


You're 100% right!

GOW2 (God of War 2) is the best looking game for the 'current gen' If the PS3 is 'next' gen then the PS2 is 'current' gen and God of War 2 is a PS2 exclusive and YES God of War 2 is one of the best looking games for the 'current gen'

I hope you weren't trying to say GeoW2 as in GEARS of War 2 cus then you'd be a blind idiot.

Mclovin964068d ago

buddy, after Gears of War was released, GOW no longer applied to God of War, simply because it was such an inferior game. Gears of War is so amazing that it has the right to take any title it wants, even FF13, if it so desires. Sony wishes it had a franchise like GOW so it could get up of it's knees and stop sucking microsofts c0ck.

Comparing R2 to GOW2 is like comparing doom to crysis. I suggest you wake up from your dream world and ditch the BS3 if you want to enjoy some real games.


Jamegohanssj54068d ago

Why is it that I keep thinking that Uncharted and MGS 4 have the best graphics so far? Why does the Unreal Engine make the characters look so unreal. I have never seen many people who look like their faces were eaten by a cheese grater.


Doppy4068d ago

Although Gears of War 2 still looks better than Resistance 2 we can all safely say that gap has been narrowed vastly. Resistance 2 is a much much much bigger game than Gears 2 (unless they triple the story length of the original Gears). You have a 10 - 14 SP campaign, a 10 - 14 8 player co-op campaign with a lighter but completely different story, and 60 player on-line multiplayer. Gears 2 has campaign with co-op, and 10 player multiplayer. So it's kind of hard to argue that Resistance doesn't looks as good as Gears when Resistance does soooooooooooooooooooo much more than Gears does.

That being said Gears 2 will not be the best looking game this gen. Metal Gear Solid 4, and Gran Turismo 5: Prologue look better than Gears 2 already, not to Mention Killzone 2, Heavy Rain, and God of War 3 (Think IGN or Gamespot stated that GOW 3 looks nearly as good as the teaser already).

cahill4068d ago

It has richer colours too

R2 looks better than Gears 2
It has much better gameplay too

that looks better than anything on Gears 2

all these are ingame screens not BULLSHOTS with 32AA like those of GEARS 2

Koolaid4067d ago

You are a perfect example of a miserable fanboy twat. People, dont be this person.

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Dennis Dyack4068d ago

It was almost a sure bet Gears of war 2 would win the graphics battle against Resistance 2.

After today,people will be talking about how Resistance 2 secured the Graphics crown.

mintaro4068d ago

Man if in-game looked that good R2 would be amazing. It still looks good, videos at gametrailers, but those screens make it look better than it is.

schmeidenkamp4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

u got me again with the scary exorcist demon face thing.
new avatar maybe?