Nevermind 1-2-Switch, Nintendo needs a new WarioWare game RIGHT NOW

Once 1-2-Switch actually came out a few months later, it became clear that their absence was actually a blessing; 1-2-Switch takes way too long to let you actually play the games (unlike WarioWare) and isn't very fun once it does (definitely not like WarioWare). But even if it was a disappointment, it still proved that Nintendo knows there's room for good ol' fashioned minigame collections on its shiny new system. Now, for the love of Wah, let the next one be the triumphant return of WarioWare.

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PhoenixUp578d ago

Warioware is due for another game, and NS seems like the perfect fit for it

higgins78578d ago

It'll be coming, for sure, but Switch was clearly rushed into a launch and as such 'killer ip's' will be way off barring ports and/or remasters. Still, when you've got A Breath of the Wild it's hard to feel hard done by.