How Will We Get Our Games Next Generation?

That Gaming Site writes: Despite ending months ago, the Format War is still sending shock waves through out industry's world wide. It has also stirred debate among those claiming Digital Downloads are the future and those claiming other solutions should be used. In recent weeks various companies (including Sony) have questioned the future of Blu Ray, so we ask, how will we get out games next generation?

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DavidMacDougall4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

"I" say Blu Ray. Digital distribution is still like 10 odd years away internet just aint fast enough for High Def picture atm

Elven64075d ago

I agree that could be the case for lets say the Playstation 4 but what about the Xbox 720 and the Wii 2? What if Microsoft is serious about this Blu Ray thing?

DavidMacDougall4075d ago

Sony will get money if the 720 has a Blu Ray drive ,Right?

Elven64075d ago

I believe so along with the BDA (Which includes Sony)

Aclay4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

I think that the next generation consoles should have some sort of disc medium. Right now I doubt that Sony would use Blu-ray in the Playstation 4 because Sony has introduced a new disc format for each of it's consoles and I doubt that they would stick with Blu-ray with their new console, but I could be wrong.

Next generation I think that all video games (Full Games) will probably be avaliable for download instead of just a few of them AND there will be a disc format medium for those same games as well.

I agree with DavidMacDougall because I feel that Digital Distribution has about another 10 years or more before it becomes really mainstream.

The majority of movies are still being bought in physical format and until the number of people downloading movies exceeds the amount of people buying movies in physical form, disc media isn't going anywhere.

Elven64075d ago

You make some good points but they could also just increase the amount of layers on a BD disk and make the laser compatible as well.

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PirateThom4075d ago

Of course they'll stick with Blu-ray.

Unlike CD (which proved to not have enough space) and DVD (Which they got no royalties from), using Blu-ray is essentially a propritary format since Sony make money on the format, it makes sense to keep using it.

TrevorPhillips4075d ago

720 would fact use blu-ray for the next gen but im guessing ps3 would use the red-ray

Elven64075d ago

Why would they use Blu Ray?

LinuxGuru4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

The infrastructure will still not be in place worldwide to fully support DD as the singular solution.

It will be a mix of 75/25 ratio between HD Disc format (most likely still blu-ray) and Digital Distribution, respectively.

jeffaustin904075d ago

I say we abandon the disc-based system all together and finally switch over to crystals and cubes. Discs are SO 90s, just like tapes were SO 80s and 8-tracks were SO 70s.