Only On PlayStation Sale in North America Offers 25-80% Discounts

A massive sale is currently going on in the North American PlayStation Store thanks to the Only On PlayStation sale.

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pressjudge2195d ago

Thank god I live in the US

Crazyglues2195d ago

Yeah just got God of war 3 Remaster for 6 bucks, couldn't pass that up, I wanted to go back before 4 comes out and play GOD3 again, had a blast on that game when it first came out on PS3 so at $5.99 that's a no brainier... lol

-too sweet, May the Gods have mercy for Kratos never will... LoL

_-EDMIX-_2194d ago

Thats a good deal.

To anyone that never played Until Dawn...DO IT!

Miss_Weeboo2194d ago

You better start worring on getting like, yes brainiers

GamingWithMack2194d ago

*Logs into US account while sat in the UK*

Praise Jeebus!

crazychris41242195d ago

If anyone was interested in getting Twisted Metal Black, War of the Monsters and Kinetica its $10 for all 3 if you buy them separately, $20 if you buy the bundle.

pressjudge2195d ago

Dude Twisted Metal made Playstation famous

TheVetOfGaming2194d ago

I loved playing split screen with my mates on the original. Ah the memories.

XisThatKid2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

I've bought a TM game first or substitute for every PS platform since PS1 besides VR I might buy BattleZone(?) the game with the tanks, just to keep up that tradition. I only have demos right now.

zaherdab2193d ago

yea i thought the pricing strategy is really crazy on this one

headpress2194d ago

With these sales I can easily afford a few moregames this month

SilverDemon2194d ago

Hmmmm.... nothing for me in this sale

I'll wait for flash sale

Majin-vegeta2194d ago

Flash Sale this Friday woo!

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The story is too old to be commented.