Resistance 2 Gets Huge Facelift (GamePro Preview)

GamePro editor Chris Morell writes:

"The most popular launch title on the PlayStation 3 was Resistance: Fall of Man, a first-person shooter from Ratchet & Clank creator Insomniac Games. Being first certainly had its advantages--the chief being prime exposure to nearly every early adopter of the PS3, which helped to lay a firm foundation for the studio's new alien-shooting franchise. But the downside was time. Rushed out to make a day-one launch, Insomniac no doubt had to cut some corners to pair up its new FPS with the PS3 release. The biggest sacrifice? Graphics.

Now with two games of experience under its belt, Insomniac is pushing Resistance 2--a third-generation PS3 title--to new graphical heights. And it's looking incredibly sharp. When I saw the game earlier in the year for GamePro's August cover story, the concepts and execution were both there, but graphically, Resistance 2 was running with old character models and moderate detail. But last week's showing of a near-final version of the game proved that a few months of development time is a wonderful thing. To put it plainly, Resistance 2 is looking hot."

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AngryBot4075d ago

But it sure SUCKS to be an xbot!

Stuck with last gen games, last gen technology, last gen hardware, last gen experiences!
If the 360 tries to break the next gen boundary, it fails miserably and ends up cooking red hot flashing lights! So hot, you can cook eggs on it!



Anton Chigurh4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

@ Nasim

both are great you little j3rk

[email protected] you are so ignorant

lol you forgot to say RROD

unbiased4075d ago

bing bong bing!

whatever that means....

Anton Chigurh4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

AAA title confirmed

marinelife94075d ago

"If you don't have an Xbox 360, Resistance 2 should be your FPS of choice this holiday season."

What was that line supposed to mean? What FPS exclusive shooter does the 360 have coming out this season??

cahill4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

i am quite sure that r2 will snatch goty award from LBp/MGS4 and GTA4


R2 dwarves all other shooters this year . competition is finished

Panthers4075d ago

Basically, if you do have a 360, then you should only get games for it...

its called being biased.

BTW, they are refuring to GeOW.

The gaming GOD4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

While R2 is good, I don't know about it snatching GOTY from LBP

LBP has too much going for it. It's unique, not a sequel, it will appeal to all ages both casual and hardcore alike, and the only game of its kind.

mintaro4075d ago

"Resistance 2 could easily be one of the largest games of the year and definitely in contention for Game of the Year honors"

Contention my friend, in contention.

cahill4075d ago

r2 has 70 maps

u realize that dont you

there is only one game that can snatch GOTy award from it --LBP
but after seeing r2's sp footage i dont think even lbp has a chance

Lifendz4075d ago


Looking forward to getting at some of you online.

marinelife94075d ago

Not to get to technical but GeOW is a Third person shooter.

callahan094075d ago

Resistance 2 is looking hot, indeed.

That said, to those you say it's game of the year... that it'll snatch it from MGS4... well, I loved MGS4, and it's currently my game of the year... and I know R2 will be phenomenal... but have you all ben watching the LittleBigPlanet footage lately? The intro? The graphics? The design tools? I see this game as having a great sense of humor and compelling story mode with brilliant and awe-inspiring levels out of the box and an infinite supply of levels down the road. It's got game of the year written all over it, doesn't it?

thebudgetgamer4075d ago

with its 10+ hour single player campaign+
a seperate 8 player co op mode+
60 player online battles
beutiful visuals
crazy guns. i think you get my point
but seriously gears will also be an awesome must have title

Elimin84075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

This game was done by a serious awsometologist. "Someone who makes/creates pure awsomeness" for those who don't know.... Elimination starts sooner than expected......NOV.... 4TH....

LightofDarkness4075d ago

Don't know if this is hyperbole, but I just played the game about a week and a half ago. It really looked weak graphically. The version I played was marked as beta code from the end of June. Perhaps I played the older build? I'll have to give it another shot I guess. If it looks the exact same I'll be VERY disappointed, trust me, what I played looked and felt like R1. Judging by IGN's recent comments and this I may be eating my words come November. Does anyone get the feeling there's too many good games coming out? Is karma setting us up for something?

Nineball21124074d ago

that no matter if it's

1. MGS4
2. LBP or
3. R2

It's going to be a PS3 exclusive that gets GOTY!

Can I get some agrees on that?

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AngryHippo4075d ago

.....fantastic. Hats off to insomniac, they've done it again, top class developers.

Genesis54075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

This game looks absolutely stunning! This is surely a GOTY candidate. Super job developers of Insomniac.

thewhoopimen4075d ago (Edited 4075d ago )

wow this game is like geow, left4dead, and cod4 all combined with spades to spare. So many things happening onscreen at the same time its mind-numbing. I dunno how they packed all that into the game and the number of enemies... with none of those draw distance fog crap just wow.