GameSpot: Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World Hands-On

GameSpot: "To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the Tales series in North America, Namco Bandai brings us Tales of Symphonia: Dawn of the New World on the Nintendo Wii. The game takes place just two years after the events of Tales of Symphonia, and you'll come across familiar faces and revisit this new world that Lloyd and Collette had saved. It seems that even with all of their hard work from the previous game, peace hasn't spread across the land, and there are some bizarre climate changes. In Dawn of the New World, you follow the story of two young heroes who set out to discover the reason behind these events while allying with monsters they meet along the way.

We've played through the first few hours of Dawn of the New World, and it's very linear for the first hour and a half, given that there's a lot of dialogue to try to get you up to speed with what's going on. If you haven't played the previous game, it shouldn't make much of a difference because they do explain the important events that happened."

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