Top 5 Best Ways to Upgrade Your PS4

PlayStation LifeStyle lists the best ways you can upgrade your PlayStation 4.

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ILostMyMind1718d ago

The retro PS model is gorgeous.

2pacalypsenow1718d ago

Damn and I thought my 25th anniversary console looked good, the Pro looks 1000x better.

ccgr1718d ago

HDD or SSD is #1 for me

S2Killinit1718d ago (Edited 1718d ago )

May I just say, that PS4Pro looks gorgeous....

I've never seen it on sale, is it a limited edition or something.

mastiffchild1718d ago

I think they made twenty five so ten grandish if you find one on ebay? Annoying that a console that would have forced me to buy a pro was never really on sale as literally everyone loves the look of it. It is stunning but Sony can eff off for not releasing it properly.

Bigkdog811718d ago

This is an unofficial console made by colorware, not Sony. They made 25 of them originally but have since, started making more. You can get one for 899.99. Ouch.

mastiffchild1716d ago

@Bigkdog-thanks for clearing that up. Either way, though,Sony are idiots not releasing similar because almost everyone loves the design. Id just read it differently elsewhere.

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The story is too old to be commented.