Five new Resistance 2 videos

Brand new Resistance 2 videos showing new Gameplay and developer walkthrough.
Also, four new gameplay videos from gamesvideos-

Firefight- http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/21589
Drone- http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/21588
Goliath- http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/21582
Bunker battle- http://gamevideos.1up.com/video/id/21584

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Sevir045779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

and the color pallete is so much more vibrant. just look at how much more the foliage looks when hale is passing through the forest. my goodlord this game is just oozing with graphical improvement. the chameleon looks cool. I love the new enemies that are hulking and huge, the Gore that they have going makes this titlw far more viseral than before. i'm glad that they've enhanced the game much more to suit everyones taste. it's certainly bigger and more badess. than before

TheHater5779d ago

yeah, the graphic have also improve a lot. Also it seem that they fix the problem many of us had with grenade in the private beta.

Dennis Dyack5779d ago

that's why its called a Beta and not a Demo....

Time_Is_On_My_Side5779d ago

lol, you beat me to it and everyone who judges a game on its beta is a goof.

arika5779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

it's like pentium 1 upgraded to pentium 4 quad core. all the aspects in the game has been improved ten folds. looks like insomiac got a winner in their hands.
i was almost speechless when i saw the vids man! only a few games can do that to me and this is definitely one of them!

resistance 2 ftmfw!

TheHater5779d ago

I know it was just a beta, but I was very surprise by how fast the fix the problem.

TheColbertinator5779d ago

Looks much better than the first builds.Though the enemy AI could use some work

SixTwoTwo5779d ago

and its bigger, better, and more badass.


staub915779d ago

The problem was fixed so fast, because it was fixed by Insomniac...

Insomniac has the best support ever. They actually care about what we say.

Thanks Insomniac you guys rock.

xhi45779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )


HOW? I don't understand how they can improve the graphics in such a short amount of time to THATTT level! Unbelievable!

EDIT: I know I'm going to get bashed here. And before you bash me (and I want your opinions on this), the graphics look UNBELIEVABLE, the damage effects that are there are koool. But a lot of the level design lacks.....atmosphere? Except for the forest one, but like the motel, some of the other screenshots remind me a lot of ratchet and clank, the platforms when you jump on it with a lot of wind shoots you into the air and stuff like that. Also, the guns, although amazing, feel very kidish and not very gritty or real. Does anyone else feel that? That was my only gripe with resistance 1 (which I love), because in comparision to Killzone 2, the guns are very childish and laserbeamish and don't have that gritty each bullet ripping into bodies flesh kind of feel. It feels more like laser bubble blasting into enemy and 'damaging' them.

Also, the explosions don't look very good to me personally, Killzone 2 explosions have force, grunt and grittiness that I love. But Res. explosions seem very forced and unrealistic with a ploom of yellow and that's it. I don't know I'm probably comparing it too heavily to Killzone 2.

But I love this game and it's a day 1 buy for me! Can't Wait!!

EDIT2: I TAKE THE ATMOSPHERE CRITICISM BACKKKK! Just watched developer walkthrough and that was CRAZY! I still have my criticism over the weapons, but that's just my personal feeling because I like realistic gritty weapons rather than laserbeam futuristic kind of weapons. But each to their own. This game ROCKKSSS!
What do you guys think about what I just said? Anyone feel the same way?

Blip Blip5779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

Looks a little better than the first, but it's still average. It's not on the graphics level of COD4, KZ2, Halo 3, or Bad Company. Or... you could quiet possibly be blind.

gameplay starts at 0:25

Halo 3 gameplay starts at 0:38

zimbo0075779d ago (Edited 5779d ago )

garbage su*** u are comparing gaylo3 to resistance 2??

gyalo3 ran at 600p and looks like dog crap

this is gaylo3 gameplay



gaylo gaylo gaylo

r2 pwns all games out there


cahill5779d ago

I cant believe that you are comparing Resistance 2 against Halo3 --a bad looking game at 600/500p

Resistance 2 loooks much better than any game on x360

R2 looks better than Gears 2
It has much better gameplay too


that looks better than anything on Gears 2


all these are ingame screens not BULLSHOTS with 32AA like those of GEARS 2

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'_'5779d ago

{bu-bu-but tears of bore 2}

lnfinite5779d ago

Resistance 2 is Set to Deliver a Mind-blowing Experience from Start to Finish,I would Personally like to Send my Condolences to Non-Sony Developers Releasing a Game around Resistance 2s Launch Window

LightningPS35779d ago

the Resistance franchise just has never impressed me graphically. Since the first time I pluged in my PS3 all excited. I was like WTF?

StrikingDmc45779d ago

he talks about gore cant compete with the level that GEars 2 stepped it up and talks about water effects which was done wayyyy back in halo 3 and cloaked enemies which was done wayyy back in halo 1 so idk whats so revolutionary about this game

dukadork5779d ago

...another overhyped POS for the sh!tbox360.

lol @ the bots who try to downplay it: this game poops on gears and halo in all departments, complete utter pwnage!

juuken5779d ago

So um...StrikingDMC, what's so revolutionary about Gears 2?
It's the same sh*t.

Sir_Ken_Kutaragi5779d ago

...the N64 was a nice Console, it's not a POS like the xBox 360!!! ;-D

AngryBot5779d ago

Your pathetic days of last gen gaming is coming to an end and over soon.

You didnt even managed to cause a scratch. You were torn apart by PS3s massive line up like hungry wolves against a bunny.

Absolutely OWNED with a massive display of force. No kiddin but it SUCKS to be an xbot, people!

It sure does, shiat, all these delusional and hating xbots on these sites aside, around the world there are many many crying xbots.

And every night they secretly cry and weep. It begins when they wet their pants with envy at night and then they think about the 3rd60 and how it RRODs on them and how the warranty runs out soon and then they CRY.


StrikingDmc45779d ago

@ jukken
i never said there was anything revolutionary of Gears 2 im jus saying that whats the developer is talking about is already done well in gaming history

Shane Kim5778d ago

Fears of Arse 1.5 has NOTHING on this game. Insomniac should rename it to Fears of Arse killer 2.

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