Eurogamer Commits Suicide By Offering LBP Beta Access

Kotaku reports:

"This is why we can't have nice things. A short while ago, Euro gaming website Eurogamer announced that they Sony had made 5800 keys for the LittleBigPlanet European beta, and then they quickly disappeared under a raging tide of sack boy-hungry Europeans."

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chaosatom4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

5000 more accounts by doing so.

Damn them.

Oh snap, I forgot to delete my account.

I need to create a level called "i hate Kotaku so much "

Jamie Foxx4072d ago (Edited 4072d ago )

for ps3 owners anyway...

INehalemEXI4072d ago

Got my code. LBP is the sh1t too. PlatformGOTY.

ChrisGTR14071d ago

i think we need to start a new rule where nothing from kotaku gets posted.

Dmitry Orlov4071d ago

You still believe in Kotaku and their fake articles?
Seriously, come on...

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Mr_Showtime14072d ago

I'm willing to bet more Americans got a code from the site than Europeans.

DavidMacDougall4072d ago

I hear that, but they aint taking one from me :)

kharma454072d ago

Now I'm going to have to try to get a US beta code since I didn't manage to get an EU one, unless Sony email out codes as they did for SOCOM, as I ended up with 2 codes for it.