Review: 'Blazing Angels' for PS3 fails to soar (CNN)

Climb into the cockpit of more than 50 authentic World War II aircraft, including the famous P-51 Mustang and British Spitfire, in Ubisoft's "Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWII" for the Sony PlayStation 3.

This intense historical action game -- which fuses arcade-like dogfighting with near photorealistic graphics -- fares better than the Microsoft Xbox 360 and other versions available last spring, but it still doesn't soar as high as it should.

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zonetrooper55220d ago

I think this game was rubbish as well on the xbox 360.

Captain Tuttle5220d ago

You really can't make a silk purse out of a sow's ear.

MicroGamer5220d ago

"While the graphics are gorgeous, one problem is poor frame rates that cause the action to slow down whenever there are a lot of planes or tanks onscreen at the same time."

So much for the power of Cell.

achira5220d ago

you have no idea of what you are talking, you xbot moron.

ironwolf5220d ago

but I told you so. The comment about the poor frame rate is, however, verrry interesting, as Artie Johnson used to say. As bad as the 360 version was, it didn't have frame rate problems.

ApocalypseShadow5220d ago

how about those pc ports chugging on 360?double standard maybe?

nambo5220d ago

Which PC ports are "chugging" on the 360? You must be mistaking all the reported PS3 frame rate issues with the 360.

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