With The Evil Within 2 Rumoured to be in Development, What Could Mikami and Tango Do With a Sequel?

PressA2Join: Resident Evil director Shinji Mikami's magnum opus released worldwide in 2014, thrusting players as detective Sebastian Castellanos into the mad, malevolent and macabre setting of Krimson City, a world riddled with morbid nightmarish creatures, satisfying moments of combat; all of which resulted in an old school horror game in its purest, deadliest and goriest form. Still, despite its many accomplishments, The Evil Within was not without its flaws, so did Mikami's grand design do enough to be worthy of a sequel? and what can we expect from it if one is indeed on the horizon?

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chrisx2679d ago

Take everything from the 1st game and dial it up a notch in the sequel. Sebastian should be back one way or the other

Resis7ance2679d ago

I'm interested to see what setting the developer chooses.

Would expect Sebastian to return along with Ruvik.

DarthMoose2679d ago

Some crazy new weapons would be cool. Give sebastion a chainsaw hand maybe?

lilmisscherry2679d ago

Would love to see a modern day setting for The Within Evil 2.

DarkOcelet2679d ago

Its pretty much a possibility considering its a game that can pretty much be anywhere. I honestly would love to a Castle setting.

Goldeneye0072679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

What can they do with the sequel? They can shove it straight up their asses! The first game was a complete waste of money.

gangsta_red2679d ago

The game was complete trash and had to force myself to finish it. And the ending...what a complete waste of time that game was,

Concertoine2679d ago (Edited 2679d ago )

My issue was the game pushed itself as "the return of survival horror". I started the game throwing bottles and stealth killing enemies like every game in 2013-2014.

Then i basically played the return of RE4 with a nonsense story as an excuse to show some cool enemy design.

Then i found myself doing banal gears-esque turret sections. So by the time i finished the game i had played everything but "the return of survival horror".
The burning body mechanic looked like it would bring back the whole crimson head idea, one of the most tense ideas in horror games. But that didnt happen.

I feel like if they combined the best of RE4 and classic RE they would've had something special.

Resis7ance2679d ago

The Evil Within scored pretty well with most critics following its release. A great game in many aspects but let down by certain flaws such as character models, etc.

I believe a sequel would fare much better than the original game.

skwidd2679d ago

That's always been Mikami's style though. Starts off more on the survival and turns into action broken by some segments of some kind of on rails shooting. Evil Within had a similar template as RE4. This is his technique of "upping" the stakes. I don't love it but I gather they think survival all the way through may get boring for players so the game is built to elevate the stakes with action set pieces. Having said that, I did love Evil Within and would love a sequel.

Blu3_Berry2679d ago

I absolutely loved the first Evil Within. I do hope they expand more on the characters backstory and the corporation behind all this. The DLCs with Kidman expanded so much for the story which greatly helped. I do hope they focus a little more on stealth this time around, as I feel that was lost after the first few chapters in the main campaign but lucky that was the main driving factor for the DLCs.

MilkMan2679d ago

Finally a real horror game. For me this game was the true sequel to Resident Evil 4. Can hardly wait.

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