Mass Effect 2007 vs. Mass Effect: Andromeda 2017

It has been 10 years since gamers first got their hands on a Mass Effect game. How well do the graphics hold up a decade later?

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Tear111575d ago

The cinematic go to the Original.
The environment go to Andromeda

joab777575d ago

Exactly. Character models, well, faces are a bit jenky, but overall the game is improves in many aspects.

Christopher575d ago

IGN, putting together a video of comparisons made by people on the internet last week. Turning yourself into a normal news network now, IGN.

2pacalypsenow575d ago

IGN are people on the internet

subtenko575d ago (Edited 575d ago )

*sits down gently and stares at you* ......they are not pe-ople...... *stares intensely*

andrewsquall575d ago

And this was an EARLY Unreal Engine 3 game too which was fairly known for its janky looking character models in 2007.

Ashunderfire86575d ago

Yet it had better dialogue and character animations than this wannabe Mass Effect game out now. The reviews are already out and its not a 8 or a 10 on metacritic. It is average and bad a best compared to the original series.

KionicWarlord222575d ago

Lol Mass effect 2007 just is better overall. Just the parts showing the nexus and the two Turians side by side.

In andromeda the characters especially the aliens have a flat look to them like wow.

GrimDragon575d ago

What's with the fat faces in andromeda? Notice how the hologram chic is less sexy? Original mass effect star ship is the coolest.