The Legend of Zelda: BoTW Angry Review

Angry Joe does his take on the newest iteration of Legend of Zelda.

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UCForce580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

Well, it's seem Joe really love it ! But he criticized about Link which I understandand it is a minor complaint. But Silent protagonist can be stale often times. Here the thing, before people jump on my opinion, I'm not putting Link to have a voice, but I would have give Link a body language.

Rimeskeem580d ago

I does indeed. I wonder if he will review Horizon or Nier. I hope to god he does Persona 5 at least. But it's only 2 of them so I'm not getting my hopes too high for all those reviews.

UCForce580d ago

Well, Joe is busy, so we have to wait a little bit longer.

andrewsquall580d ago

Joe is very random lately in what he reviews. I believe its too late for a review of Horizon Zero Dawn even though it made sense to do since he loved a game like The Witcher and this is a new IP so he can go in fresh. He has never properly played a Zelda game before so it is a bit bizarre him reviewing this.

People went nuts when he only did a quick overlook review of Uncharted 4 last year but I was perfectly fine with it. He didn't really deserve to do a proper Angry Review of U4 and why would he when he admitted he never even played the 3 original games because he always ignored PS3 as a console last gen.

Or its funny when he was reviewing Yakuza 0 and having a blast with it but you have to stop and think "yeah Joe, this series has been on PlayStation for almost 15 years now, you just ignored them before because you were a blind fanboy back then that wouldn't look twice at them.
Its hit or miss with Joe sometimes.

bouzebbal580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

if it's your first zelda game, everyone will fall in love with it.
but if you are a zelda veteran like me, this game doesn't live up to the expectations.
it's people who aren't familiar with the series that would give this a 9 or 10.
this review is irrelevant. the guy dies...A LOT.. i barely die, even against the dungeon bosses.

_-EDMIX-_580d ago

Agreed I would at least like if they gave some sort of narrative of why he wasn't speaking or couldn't.

I also don't like that the majority of the NPC's in the game do not have voice overs and you're basically reading text in a game releasing in 2017 smh.

TheGamez100580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

Actually there was, read zeldas diary.

_-EDMIX-_580d ago

@jmg- if that's the case I take that statement back

I was unaware that there was an explanation to his silence.

I still feel even more so if that's going to be a knowledge that they need to do more to allow his character to express who he is.

His character is a literally soulless and watching some of the cutscenes it's so strange because he doesn't even make an effort to communicate in Zelda looks like she's just talking to a brick wall. I felt the team could have done better especially considering in many areas you would see link shiver or sometimes when you're in the menu will do different animations based on how he's feeling and what puzzles me is why was none of this used in the narrative in the actual story of the game? I'm not saying to have him bust out and do sign language but I at least want them having him make some sort of attempt. They should at least have him acknowledge people in specific ways.

Looking at the Ico series, it's very clear that there are so many ways a character could convey themselves to the player.

UCForce580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

ICO, SOTC and TLG main characters are all using body language to communicate.

TheGamez100580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

I do agree with that point. To me it seemed like link had the least amount of character in this game compared to the other 3d zelda games which was kinda disappointing. Dont think he even smiles in the game lol.

UCForce580d ago

Like I said, if Link can't or don't want to talk, give him a body language.

Nu580d ago

I submitted a youtube story as well and was told that I can't like youtube directly wtf lol So my submission failed why?

Testfire580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

I always wanted the protagonist in RPGs to have a voice until I played Fallout 4, then I realized I was really wrong. A silent protagonist is much better unless you're telling a story like Uncharted or TLOU.

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rivaldoo777580d ago

Angry review is the one of the only review I trust!! Great review!!

Septic580d ago

Absolutely loving this game- squeezing the juice out of it. I am hardly ever excited about things like DLC but this game man....i've been taking my Switch to work for this

Just masterful

remixx116580d ago

Same, I just arrived at rite village, hype for the bird dungeon!!

Perjoss580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

Good review, he makes some valid criticisms but overall he absolutely loved it. Amazing game.

Veneno579d ago

Yes the criticisms are all valid. But I think Joe's should've just given the 10 because many of the criticisms were based on preference rather than actual Negative marks. The good far outweighs the slight negatives.

But it was a fair enough review. Not a 10 but not a troll 6 7 or 8 either. Meh.

Perjoss579d ago

I think some youtubers are having a hard time giving nintendo stuff higher scores just because they might have a bit of a grudge from nintendos super strict copywrite policies.

andrewsquall580d ago

"A system seller like Halo was" yeah but yet again, Halo wasn't a port of a game on a last gen console when it came out, which is what BOTW is.

EddieNX 580d ago

That doesn't mean its not one of the best games ever and a must play does it?

remixx116580d ago

Any idea where this game might first in the timeline, I just reached my third dungeon, rit out village and I still can't price together where this g amen is on the timeline.

kevnb580d ago

the xbox wasnt capable of being portable either.

EddieNX 580d ago

Yh the portability makes it feel up to date on Switch, playing this game on the go certainly doesn't feel last gen, it feels futuristic. the bump to 900p is nice on TV mode as well.

Segata579d ago

Doom has been ported to everything ever. So has Ys Books I-II. Does not stop them from being fantastic games.

Relientk77580d ago

Wasn't sure if Angry Joe was going to make a Zelda review because Nintendo flags him all the time for copyrights. Glad he did

MasterCornholio580d ago (Edited 580d ago )

He got flagged 6 times already for the Zelda review.

Edit: It's in the description of the video.

NapalmSanctuary579d ago

If it gets taken down, I hope he sues. I like Nintendo but their ignorance of U.S. copyright law and their hypocrisy concerning the sanctity of other peoples copyrights is abhorrent. The simple fact is that he has a right to use Zelda footage to make a Zelda review. If Nintendo doesn't want to respect that then a U.S. court needs to set them straight.

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