Mad Catz Helps Make Drumming Less Obtrusive

For anyone that's ever thought "Where the hell am I supposed to put this drum kit?" after a long Rock Band session, Mad Catz has the solution for you. Take away all that plastic that makes the drum kit so bulky (and also allows it to, you know, act like a drum kit) and what you are left with is the drum pads themselves, a kick pedal, and the pseudo-controller. Mad Catz calls this the "Portable Drum Kit". Genius!

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Twizlex4072d ago

I'm curious to see how well these things actually work.

outlawlife4072d ago

judging by the quality of most mad catz peripherals i've owned over the years i wouldn't expect a whole lot...and if they do function well i wouldn't expect them to last very long

Twizlex4072d ago

I don't know, things seem to be hit-and-miss with Mad Catz. I have a wired 360 controller from them that is actually slightly better than Microsoft's. The only reason I don't use it more is simply because it's a wired controller. I mainly use it for Arcade games since it has a better D-pad.

cahill4072d ago

we will find out soon