Game Freak Working on a "Globally Popular RPG" for Console

Is Game Freak developing a Pokemon title on the Nintendo Switch?

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-Foxtrot2680d ago

I hope this is a brand new Pokemon game with a new setting and not just "Pokemon Stars", the third game of Sun and Moon.

Like I said I'd rather they go back to Kanto and remake Yellow because Red/Blue have been remade but obviously the third game, the more complete game didn't. With consoles at least you have a reason to just make the one version as less people will be taking their Switches around then the 3DS.

Pokemon Spark Yellow please

I just wonder the direction of a 3D full on Pokemon RPG game. An RPG like Ni No Kuni, Elder Scrolls or Final Fantasy? I just hope it isn't what they've been doing for the handheld games but the visuals have been upgraded a little.

Antnee5342680d ago

I like the idea of going back to Kanto, but if anything I bet you It will be pokemon stars/eclipse.

What also might happen is they will make diamond and pearl remakes for both the switch and 3ds. If this is the case I would make the 3ds copies be diamond and pearl and the switch version platinum.

Thunder_G0d_Bane2680d ago

There will be a Sun/Moon port coming called 'Stars' or whatever within a year im sure.

But this other title they're working on is obviously a future instalment for the Switch.

The 10th Rider2680d ago

The original teaser for Sun and Moon had a brief snippet where you could see a hi-def model of Pikipek: https://www.aconsejan2te.co...

It's too bad, really. I prefer the designs of the earlier gens a lot more. Hopefully if it's an updated Sun/Moon it sees a ton of improvements.

-Foxtrot2680d ago (Edited 2680d ago )

It's funny because I've always wanted it to evolve but I loved the top down view as it made it seem more open

The older games had more charm on style

nX2680d ago

Wow Nintendo finally coming to the reality that Pokemon on a home console could be a success? Ah noo, too bad the Switch is just a mutated handheld :/

Thunder_G0d_Bane2680d ago

BoTW on my Switch on my monitor looks better than half the games this gen has to offer. Plus the gameplay is far superior than most games this gen.

Cashh me outside how bout dat?

nX2679d ago

Hahaha a PS3 could run BotW @30fps.

MrBrofist2679d ago

Can we not quote that stupid ass meme that dumbass child started? Annoying....

deafdani2679d ago

Yes, a PS3 could run BOTW, but it would have to look worse, with lower resolution and lesser graphical effects. Then it could run it, maybe at 30 fps.

But people downplaying it because of its cartoony art direction have obviously not played it. The game is graphically pretty demanding. The animations of everything and the physics engine at play are incredibly impressive.

vergilxx32677d ago (Edited 2677d ago )

It could run on PS3 without breaking a sweat, I own a switch and botw but game looks like crap to me , bad textures no AA and performance issues and voice acting is a joke
But I guess to Nintendo fanboys this is revolutionary I'd give this game a 7/10 cuz gameplay , is very good

I know I sound angry but I expected way better from Nintendo , and the game has gone through several downgrades too ,switch is a great console with great potential but Nintendo is too lazy

Darkfist_Flames2680d ago

Did this studio tried making a new ip rpg?

Nintendew2679d ago

I remember a article about this months ago saying the switch game goes with sun and moon but maybe not in the way we think ether.
The only game I remember that went with the Pokemon series that made a console appearance was Pokemon Stadium, besides the GC one as well.


Sukeban Games Announces Spiritual Successor to Parasite Eve

Venezuelan indie developer Sukeban Games has revealed their latest project, a spiritual successor to the cult classic Parasite Eve, .45 PARABELLUM BLOODHOUND

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Chocoburger2d ago

Most indie 'spiritual successor games' miss the mark, but hopefully this one will land. Good luck.


Bethesda Game Studios developers form 'wall to wall' union

The Fallout and Elder Scrolls developer is a union shop now.

porkChop1d 19h ago

That's good to see. For the last 5-10 years every spring the gaming industry has seen mass layoffs after reporting record profits. It's disgusting. This industry needs more unionization to offer some protection to the people who make these games possible.

DarXyde16h ago

Many industries need unions.

Michiel19898h ago

that's the price you pay to conduct your business in the land of the free. Stuff like that doesn't happen over here

MrDead1d 6h ago

It's too late for Tango and Arkane Austin but fingers crossed that this will help. MS could have a friend in the White House soon though, and his thoughts on Union's should be worrying all in the US.

MeteorPanda1d 6h ago

GOOD. Stop taking it in the ass from shareholders "we want a space game" but our fans want elderscrolls "YES BUT SPACE IS HUGE LOOK AT STAR CITIZEN!"