Rumor: Gran Turismo Sport Release Date Leaked by Finnish Retailer

A Finnish retailer by the name of Puolenkuun Pelit has apparently leaked the release date of the next Gran Turismo title.

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Crazyglues2196d ago

Yeah and makes sense, April 20 2017 --> especially since the beta has gone out, usually these developers release beta's when they are close to release, like ghost recon did.. Beta kinda is the sign your close to full release these days, so yeah really good news...

-Can't wait to start playing..

bouzebbal2195d ago

I don't believe this.
Disagree if you like, this is releasing this fall.
A game goes gold minimum a month prior to release and we are there already.
The beta has to end and they need to improve with the feedback. They will need some months for the final tweaks.
Fall seems early for a game like this

Gamist2dot02195d ago


Same here. Although, I would believe it if it were developed and published by Ubisoft, Activision, or EA, lol.

Retroman2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago ) revealed release date April 20th back in December 2015 for GTS

i don't sit around waiting on gaming News to hit N4G . i do daily research on unannounced games /Movie dates.
seen trailers upcoming movies for 2018-19... this up coming NFS will release November 22nd unannounced date.

Seraphim2195d ago

well, it was suppose to release last November-ish... considering that one would have to imagine this game will be out by mid year at the latest. Never know though but the fact it's in beta definitely means they are closing in on a release.

Yohshida2195d ago

Those are demos you are talking about. A real Beta is almost 0.5-1 Year before release.

sonarus2194d ago

No way it releases April. Playstation needs more time to ramp up marketing. Fall is a good guess but expect an official release date to be announced a while before release

Mr Pumblechook2194d ago

Next month? Never in a month of Sundays!

If a major game is going to be released there needs to be advertising and press previews to generate awareness and anticipation. There has been none of that. If i'm wrong send me a [polite] private message and I will eat my hat!

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Bigpappy2196d ago

Yet it will get the jump on Forza. Bet sales if they avoid direct competition. Who knows what would happen with Forza on Scorpio. I would have like to see them go head to head. But I do understand the business end of it.

FITgamer2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

lol It won't even be close. Even the lowest selling GT games best the highest selling Forza game. Microsoft has to bundle Forza Motorsport to even get decent sales numbers.

OT: I don't think that's a legit release date, unless it's for Europe. Games generally release on Tuesdays here in the states.

Gazondaily2195d ago

Forza doesnt sell anywhere near as GT and considering the massive difference in userbase, GT will dominate sales.

mark_parch2195d ago

i'm still not buying gt sport until i've seen motorsport 7. clearly gt sport will sell more as it has a much bigger user base but i don't buy games based on sales. what i've seen of gt sport looks amazing but motorsport 7 could be insane on scorpio

Bigpappy2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

I meant to say better sales for GT if Forza is not seen until later. I Know that GT will sell more. But it will sell even better if it releases earlier as it will.

nX2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

Why are you bringing up Forza in every GT article? And why would PD care about Forzas release anyway?

2195d ago
bouzebbal2194d ago


nothing to do with install base.
you can just compare GT and F sales last gen. 360 install base was even bigger when GT5 Prologue came out.

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XanderZane2195d ago

Probably not coming out until fall. If it was coming in April they were have told us the game has gone gold. At the earliest, it would be out during the E3.

Xb1ps42194d ago

Gran turismo is still a thing?

3-4-52194d ago

* I hope it's not a dud and they make this game great. They need to really push Forza and make a better game than Forza to push the Forza devs to then make an even better game than GT.

In the end, we the gamers win.


No way they would release it in less than a month without any single announcement.

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chrisx2196d ago (Edited 2196d ago )

April 20 2017. If true that would be a pleasant surprise. GT sport is pretty much a day 1 for me

Kribwalker2196d ago

I don't know if you'll be finished the witcher 2 by then 😂😂 j/k

2195d ago
Sparta072195d ago

Ha!!! 😂 That made me burst out laughing!!! I read that yesterday. 🤣

freshslicepizza2195d ago

i doubt its coming out in april, sony hasn't been marketing it much. doesn't make sense to have a huge ip like this kind of sneak up on release.

chrisx2195d ago

Guess we'll see about that

2pacalypsenow2195d ago

Sony is known for not marketing big games, they have done it before.

Liqu1d2195d ago

Wasn't there another retailer that listed it for April as well?

darthv722195d ago

Sweet!!! on a side note, how long will it take them to make a GT8 after this one? I'd hate for the trend of 2 GT games per console cycle to end now because this game has taken all the time.

Goldby2195d ago

they would need to release GT 7 first.

darthv722195d ago

wait... so GT Sport isnt even GT7? I thought it was, just given a fancy name. Well damn!!

2pacalypsenow2195d ago

Sport is not GT7, I see them building on Sport and release a GT7 before 2019

ShadowKnight2195d ago

I think GT7 will be a launch title on PS5

TheCommentator2195d ago

So GT Sport is GT7: Prologue...

Goldby2194d ago


Except it focusing on the Esports side of racing but ya, i can see how one would think that, tell me do you think Forza Motorsport is the prologue to Horizon now?

WheatBread2195d ago

My favorite day of the year

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