Microsoft dev: 'Japan not most important'

Despite its own efforts, Microsoft is still seeing disappointing Xbox and Xbox 360 sales in the Land of the Rising Sun. MS Game Studios boss Shane Kim has said previously that Microsoft is "committed to success in the region," but today one of Microsoft's own developers played down the importance of the territory.

Speaking to website Ars Technica, Microsoft's Matt Lee, a developer in Microsoft's Game Technology Group, said that "Japan is not necessarily the most important market for gaming these days," adding, "it is also not quite as large as the US and European markets."

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OutLaw6576d ago

I know it is not necessarily the most important. But they still would like to see some turn around for their efforts over there.

Anerythristic266576d ago

It is actually been considered a declining market since the launch of last generation consoles. North America was at that time called " the only market that matters " by industry execs. I guess we pass the torch to Europe , enjoy.

ken62716576d ago

Its unfortunate that Japan continues not to support US products, while we continue to heavily support Japan products here in the US. When the PS3 hits Japan, it will win because they like the Sony name....Even in the US, us americans don't support our own products...look at how many ps2's sold vs xbox....I don't get it...

andy capps6576d ago

They import American products (Xbox 360s) in Japan, it's just that no one likes them. Like it or not, the Japanese are loyal to their own countries products and they don't like FPS's. But the reason that the PS2 and PS1 sold more than Xbox over here was because it had better, and more games. Gamecube is another reason entirely.. :)

The BS Police6576d ago

The Halo franchise is better than any franchise to hit the PS2!

LK6576d ago


Xtrm L1481L1TY6576d ago

Well most of the parts are designed here then sub-contracted off over seas to fabricate the parts. What you really need to look at is who is making the big profit. It doesnt matter where the parts are built, but who designed them. Take the PS3 for example, IBM had the biggest part in designing "cell". Well IBM is headquartered in New York U.S.. Look at "RSX". NVIDIA designed it and is Headquarter in California U.S.. PS3's lightning fast ram is designed by Rambus headquartered in California U.S.. Some of them japs are ignorant as hell because they are oblivious to the fact that the PS3's main parts are designed by American companies and guess where the profit goes? It's actually a smart idea... Throw a Japanese name on an American product and they'll buy it. LOL

LK6576d ago


joemutt6576d ago

Its Half the Battle, go joemutt!

The Real Deal6576d ago

I have a friend that lives in Japan in the Army. He told me that in Japan most people WILL NOT buy an american product. They basically only support their own. Sony, Nintendo, regardless of whether they would enjoy it or not. They have a lot of discipline. Now there are a small few that go against the grain and give in to enjoy an American Made product. I'm not talking about food chains. I'm talking about American Made products. Cars, electronics, ect. Maybe we should give them a taste of their own medicine. The video game market in Japan is already declining. They make all their money off of us open minded Westerners. They look at us a stupid Americans. If we don't buy Sony PS3 it will give them a taste of what they have been doing. The only difference is we won't be stupid Americans anymore. Most people don't get it. America is the home of the free. But its not like that in other countries. They stick together and for the most part don't like us. But they sure will sell broke ps2's to us and laugh all the way to the bank when we keep replacing them like the stupid Americans they think we are. Think about it. I have inside info on this. This comes from a guy stationed in Japan folks.