PC Gaming Piracy Still Dangerously Out Of Control

The future of PC Gaming could rely on a combination of traditional marketplaces with or without DRM like Steam and GOG but also on increasingly pro-consumer, fair yet powerful DRM systems built-in to products like Xbox Anywhere, Xbox Games Pass, PlayStation NOW, in order to allow AAA publishers to mitigate risking millions in the budget for a PC Version that’s just going to get pirated.

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TheOptimist629d ago

Let's see..... I agree shitty games or games that PC gamers aren't interested in, won't sell. CoD and AC are shitty games, RE7 I can't be sure, since I am not a horror fan.

Coming to GTA, not really fair because it launched on PS3 and Xbox 360 with huge huge hype, and many people just experienced it there, since it didn't launch day in day out with the PC. Heck the PS4 and Xbox One version came out about 6 months before the PC, so not really a fair comparison.

Now let's take good games, both Witcher 3 and Dark Souls 3 sold most on PC with PC getting 40% units sales share on PC.

In short, if you make good games, there will be less piracy. Try spending less in anti-piracy methods and make better and more optimized games, your games will sell

PS- I buy every game I play.

2pacalypsenow629d ago

When those "Shitty games" sell millions on consoles, developers just focus on consoles.

kevnb627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

great, consoles can get all the focus for call of duty they want (farm simulator was outselling it on pc)! This article is also quite dangerously misleading and probably using vgchartz, re7 sold 370,646 copies on steam according to steamspy. Most big aaa games have sales that are highest on ps4, second highest on pc and then xbox one follows that up.
So this article is FAKE NEWS.

Deep-throat627d ago

PC users have high standards. They grow up enjoying great interactivity, not movie games that filled with roller-coastered gameplay.

It's easy to impress console folks with pretty presentations, especially who started playing in 2005 or later.

zaherdab627d ago

@deep-throat i am sure the genes on PC gamers are way more advanced than the ones in console gamers... after all PC gamers have to spent a lot of time tinkering with graphics settings and upgrading their hardware to even bother playing games!
can you however name some of the games with too much interactivity to be released on console and share their sale figures ?

zaherdab627d ago (Edited 627d ago )

And yet PC gamers whine when "Shitty games" don't get released on PC... yet they label them as shitty to justify pirating them... Most of these games have decent versions on PC so there's no reason to label them shitty!

It is ... what it is ... pirating games on PCs is a prominent problem and no point in making excuses for it and just saying that you buy the games you play doesn't make it unreal!

TheOptimist627d ago

CoD and AC are fundamentally and mechanically shit games, so I dunno what you are going on about "decent versions on PC".

yarbie1000627d ago

Only game I ever pirated was No Man's Sky just so I could see how shitty it was. Wasn't about to give those people my money, and I sure don't regret it hahaha

zaherdab627d ago

@theOptimist i am pretty sure this is "Opinion" not fact. check reviews of multiple assassin's creeds games on Steam and you'll clearly see mostly positive reviews and that's coming from other PC games ( my self included btw) if the game controls better with a gamepad doesn't make it "Flawed".

As for COD there's enough hate for those on consoles and PC but in my opinion it's not warranted but again the keyword is ( fundamentally and mechanically) opinion .

crazychris4124629d ago

Games are so cheap that there is no reason to pirate unless you're a scumbag. I just bought Homefront 2 a couple weeks ago with the season pass for only $12. Took me 17 hours to beat. It was pretty good and for a game that came out in May it was too good to pass up. Only ran into a handful of minor bugs.

I don't buy full price games anymore unless a bunch of friends are getting the game and it runs well.

rocketpanda627d ago

You bought a game that devalued in price very quick. On release games not dirt cheap. When games initially come out that is when money is made and they are expensive, especially on psn and xbl. Why do the same multi platform games sell for less in PC than on PC?

Publishers even try to entice gamers to buy games day one with pre-order nonsense to maximize sales.

So no games aren't dirt cheap unless you wait a few weeks or months. On the end we have games that are free to play and publishers make money from whale users.

annoyedgamer629d ago

I though Steam DRM solved piracy? Was I lied to?

Corporate greed it also dangerously out of control, guess which one poses a greater risk to the industry.

brich233629d ago

They eventually get cracked months later.

acekaze627d ago

They do, but normally thats also when people dont care about them anymore, we all know the big atraction of games is mostly at their release, if they take months to crack a game, most people who pirate will normally just buy the game, so I think the Denuvo is still helping for strong sales on pc.

627d ago
XbladeTeddy627d ago

Don't listen to this crap. If you want to know if PC games sell just ask Gabe Newell.

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