New Far Cry 2 Weapons

New information on the amount of weapons and how the developers chose the weapons for the game on IncGamers.

What can you expect, how will weapons reaact, how many of them and are there any surprises?

All answered on the IncGamers news item.

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Leord4073d ago

How can anyone NOT love guns btw?

TheColbertinator4073d ago

I love guns :)

2nd Amendment rules!

Maticus4073d ago

Very interesting, thanks :D

pcgia4073d ago

The only guns I need are my biceps :P

Altered_Soul4073d ago

My question revolves around something that caught my concern at the previous showings:

There are real guns, but are there appropriate munitions for each, rather than just "Assault rifle ammo", "Rocket Launcher Ammo", and "Special Ammo"? I want some realistic ammunition to go with my realistic weapons thank you.

ThatCanadianGuy4072d ago

Im just going to use the machete :D