CVG: Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway Review

CVG writes: "Hell's Highway. An apt name really, considering that Brothers in Arms 3 has been stranded in development No Man's Land for yonks. But now the Highway finally extends before us, is t really a route worth taking?

Well, this is very much familiar BIA territory. We're still floundering in Northern Europe (this time during Operation Market Garden), we're still hanging with the likes of Matt 'Smiler' Baker, Ginger Hartsock and the deceased Leggett - who also happens to be haunting Matt's fevered dreams like a bespectacled Jacob Marley and turning our hero into a bit of a nutjob. It's a very human tale of responsibility, guilt and redemption that never fails to resonate - while, at the same time, also being the biggest rip-off of Band of Brothers you're ever likely to see."

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