Analyst: Warhammer Base to "Level Off" at 250-300K

Edge writes: "Publisher EA is targeting "around 250,000 subscribers" for Mythic's Warhammer Online: Age of Reckoning, one analyst speculates, suggesting a substantial drop-off of users after the free month is up.

EA said it shipped 1.5 million copies of WAR to retail last week.

Arvind Bhatia at Stern Agee told Edge on Tuesday he came to the 250,000 subscriptions figure based on EA's goal to break even on the game.

"Over time, subscribers will drop off and level off at 250,000- 300,000," he said in a phone interview."

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iceice1234068d ago

Not a major success that they or WoW haters expected it to be. Well at least for their effort they get to break even ;)

JohnnyMann4204068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

Try playing the game. If you are a real WoW fan and played this game you wouldn't keep talking trash. It is that good.

WoW haters actually probably wouldn't even like this game, so I have no idea why you would even say that. The game plays like a more RVR orientated WoW. D-bag!

I actually expect this game to exceed Mythic's guesstimates.

Quit being a tool fanboy and give the game a try. You will like it.

StarsCream4068d ago

Just stop fanboi, you're simply making a fool of yourself.

tsincaat4068d ago

What new light does this "analyst" bring? He doesn't have inside information, he isn't associated with EA, he's a guy who calls himself an "analyst" and makes predictions on things. That doesn't make them true or false.

This doesn't change anything. Warhammer could be a huge hit or a complete failure.

Baka-akaB4068d ago

Lol it is a major success , you're just downplaying it because its "not a success identical to wow" wich is something that might not even happen for the hypothetical WoW2 .

I doubt any future mmo will have the same pull ... even one from blizzard .
WoW's success happened in a time of huge emptiness on the mmo front , between "hardcore" game with bad interfaces , or crappy asian grind session like F2p and msot korean games .

Now with each game doing the wow quest system , with ONE major unique and differenciating feature (in war's case the RVR PVP) the population with be divided among specialists and of course wow on its own .

mariusmal4068d ago

yup. you are a fanboy. i'm a ex wow player, played wow for 3 years since the start. and i'm loving warhammer, it's that good.


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The Lazy One4068d ago

It offers PVP far and away better than WoW, which could attract a whole lot of people, because the base gameplay is similar while offering good PVP on top of that.

WoW's PVP isn't bad, but Warhammer's is just so far ahead.

hay4068d ago

I love paper & pencil Warhammer, does anybody knows how good is it?

Hawkeyes3154068d ago

and patcher tries predicting which console will win each month, and he's wrong every time.

Lumbo4068d ago

Does not sound very smart, this Anal-yst

Age of Conan sold 1 million boxes, and was at 400000 subscriptions 2 month later, but AoC is fundamentally broken with zero end content, non-working pvp content and huge crash bugs.

War is nothing like that, the game works as intended. Hence i fail to see the reason why it should drop below the broken AoC anytime soon

Baka-akaB4068d ago (Edited 4068d ago )

AOC's main pull , besides awesome markeking , and idiot journalists and testers being part of it , was a big 3d engine (even if full of awful designs) .

Many people will find WAR ugly ... just two steps above WoW .. with also a min config two steps above , and might not find the patience to look at its qualities .

So it might be inferior in numbers . however AOC will keep dropping , and WAR will probably juste increase its userbase .

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