GameGuru: Too Human Review - Too Little, Too Light, Too Late

GameGuru writes: "Silicon Knights spent almost a decade building Too Human, from the original 4 disc PlayStation version to the Nintendo's GameCube uber action RPG, all throughout it would churn a few eyeballs and then vanish. Its transition to the Xbox 360 was not smooth either, a terrible X06 showing coupled with a legal catfight with Epic over Unreal 3.0 added the notion of an ancient Norse curse embodied within the game.

As the reviews poured and the critic mill started to deliver its verdict the game was soon to be seen as Microsoft's "Haze". All these however do not describe the game in an appropriate light, for there is much in Too Human that can be appreciated rather than criticized.
The game begins with a Norse god picking up a corpse from the bounds of Helheim, the narrative continues by placing the player in the shoes of Baldur, who is sent on a mission to defeat a blood devouring droid called Grendl. This mission is more of a training exercise to flex Baldur's muscles and familiarize the player with the basics of combat and control."

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