Modder fixes NieR: Automata's fullscreen resolution upscaling issue

DSOGaming writes: "NieR: Automata has just been released on the PC and it appears that the game suffers from some weird upscaling issues when it is being played at fullscreen mode. Weird stuff, I know. Thankfully, though, modder ‘Kaldaien’ released a mod that fixes that issues."

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NaAsAr602d ago

So far the only issues i have had with this game (PC) is the weird frame rate during FMV playback (sometimes) and the strange pop in. Performance has been perfect on my system aside from those issues. I have a [email protected]/9000 btw.

NaAsAr601d ago

yea, thats the core and memory. and a i7 [email protected] 16gb [email protected] Asus z170-a board @190fsb

601d ago