New Devil May Cry 4 Images

About 20 new screens in all including weapon renders to in-game screenshots.

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Scythesean5230d ago

THis is not a 360 game so someone please remove the 360 connection, before some idiot starts another stupid rumor.

nice_cuppa5230d ago (Edited 5230d ago )

they will announce it soon.
do you really think capcom will sell over a million units of dead rising then over a million units of lost planet on 360 and not put dmc on 360 ?

realisticly what is the max they can sell on ps3 ?
250000...500000 !

i think it will be a time exclusive.

Marty83705230d ago

Yep PS3 only like MGS4.

JIN KAZAMA5230d ago

The 360 fans want all the exlcusive games the ps3 has. think about it, all they do is talk about our PS3 exclusives, and how "it should" be comming to their console.
Also, think about this, Do us, PS3 gamers, give a damn about your dumb exclusives??? Hell no
Like Lost Planet, all of us PS3 gamers couldnt care less about that dumb game, we just sat back, chilled and relaxed while hearing all you 360 zombies overhyping that game, falling in lvoe with it. And we knew once it came out, it would get average reviews, and nothing special, and what happened?? EXACTLY THAT. now you 360 zombies are tlaking about OUR exlcusives, not even YOURS.
Get over it

testerg355230d ago

can't "PLAY B3YOND"... I'm still waiting for games for my PS3! Everything keeps getting pushed back and there's no freakin games.

JIN KAZAMA5230d ago

you know that quote where there is a father and son bulls on top of the hill and the there are cows at the bottom of the hill.

Son Bull: "Hey dad, lets RUN down there and screw one of the cows"

Father Bull: "Son, Lets WALK down there and screw them all"

See, the 360 is that kid bull, that ran down, the PS3 is the father that walked down.

bluhefner5229d ago

At the end of the day to me the PS3 is the superior system and it will show when they have their killer exclusives come out while 360 just really just only has halo 3. And to me a lot of the 360 exclusives have been really overhyphed but dont seem to take a big step forward in gaming, I haven't really seen anything on the 360 that took a big step forward in gaming except it has shiny graphics. Just my 2 cents.

PS3 Ultimate5229d ago

These images are not new! These images are 3-4 months OLD! I've been having these imagines. As for this other guy talking about Ninja Guiden. Devil May Cry 4 will overpwn Ninja Guiden PERIOD.

marionz5228d ago

good things come to those who wait? well that isnt the case with the ps3 sorry, and as for not getting devil may cry etc..only capcom knows if 360 will get it or not, not you not ps3fan...CAPCOM, i wouldnt be upset if we didnt get it, but sony is pretty good at paying off companies to keep quiet on games coming to 360, virtua fighter assasins creed anyone? and they only do it in the hope they might still be able to stop a few people buying the 360, keep your tekken, DOA is better! keep resistance, GOW is better! keep your GT, forza is better! see we get quality games, you get average games with huge delays because the ps3 is a programers nightmare! JUMP IN!

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Evoluti0n5230d ago

...Devil May Cry 3? Sure looks rough...

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The story is too old to be commented.