Standard Tegra X1 'confirmed' as Switch's processor

The final piece of the puzzle has seemingly fallen into place. Hardware analysis site Tech Insights updated its own Nintendo Switch teardown with die-shot photography of the new console's Tegra processor, mooted as a custom design by the platform holder.

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crazychris4124579d ago

They should have used the X2

mikeslemonade578d ago

^then you cheapscapes would complain it's $450.

But nonetheless for people like me who don't mind paying a lot, it's dissapointing. For the next 4 years this machine is gonna be limited.

MVGeneral577d ago

All consoles take a loss on release. Nintendo is the only one that doesn't do that. So they charge a premium for outdated tech. So they could have put a more powerful chip and charged fairly the same and probably still turned a profit. Here in Canada when the ps4 launched 4 years ago, it was $399.99 and switch which released last month is $399.99 as well.

bf000777966578d ago

you should appreciate that it's not K1.

ABizzel1578d ago

Well, once again we told you so.

It's not the end of the world, but it definitely puts perspective on Nintendo Switch performance, and we're looking at a device on par with a 910m and at best a 920m.

EddieNX 579d ago

Tegra 1 is amazing anyway for handheld graphics, the last thing that crosses your mind when playing Switch as a handheld Is that its underpowered. I expect a revision with an X2 and a 1080p screen down the line...

porkChop579d ago

I think Nintendo will be perfectly fine for a few years. Once PS5 and the next Xbox are announced, we could see a Switch 2.

And Nintendo would be smart to sell a sku with just the tablet for $200, and everyone's Joy-Cons, docks, etc, could still be compatible. 1080p screen, latest Tegra, better battery, more RAM, more storage capacity, etc.

stuna1578d ago

We get it Eddie everything about the Switch is amazing!?/s

It's cool you love the Switch, but could you be a little more objective? There are glaring weaknesses in the Switch design don't be so quick to rush and defend. This gives Nintendo no incentive to change if they are praised even when they know they've cut corners.

RpgSama578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

"The Switch it's made with child labor from underdeveloped countries"

EddieNX: that's amazing! these children are learning the true value of hard work from a young age, I thank nintendo for giving them the means to do an honest day's work.

MVGeneral577d ago (Edited 577d ago )

"The switch kills puppies"

EddieNX: Wow, nintendo is so awesome. They know that there are too many puppies/dogs in the world and not all of them can be taken care of. So they are doing a great service to society. Nintendo is forward thinking
I thank nintendo for being different and taking the initiative. "

- (and also) All Nintendo sympathizers

porkChop579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Why claim it's custom then? Why not just say it's a Tegra X1? I just don't see the point, if no customization has been done.

UltimateOwnage578d ago

I'm wondering if the CPU/GPU throttle states that change when its docked/undocked to save battery life are the only change. I'm not sure if thats stock functionality.

MVGeneral577d ago

A lot of smoke and mirrors with Nintendo.
-claiming of a customized chip.
-acting as though the dock increases the performance.

Wallstreet37578d ago

Told you so lol I remember our convo long ago and you trying to tell me it wasn't an x1 because of some uber secret sauce customization that they did lol Even with customization that customization always tend to be very little and it would have still been an x1.

Prince_TFK578d ago

Based on the article:

"Well, to be fair, Nvidia's blog post talks about a lot more than just hardware - it covers system design, system software, APIs, game engines and peripherals. Maybe what they mean by a custom Tegra is the result of adapting an existing piece of technology to work as a dedicated console - and in that respect, clearly Switch is a significant achievement."

conanlifts578d ago (Edited 578d ago )

That was a major point of the article. It is certainly strange. Personally i still get irritated by the lack of transparency from Nintendo. They should just say what it is and be done with it. It is still a great portable though.

porkChop578d ago

I agree. I'm very satisfied with the system so far, but I would have preferred Nintendo and Nvidia just be upfront about the specs. There's no point trying to hide things in this day and age, especially when it comes to hardware.

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UltimateOwnage578d ago

Its almost as shocking as when we all found out both the XBOX One and PS4 used the same off-the-shelf grade Jaguar CPU. Gaming is becoming less about special hardware these days, and much more about how compelling the game "design fidelity" is, in my view of the industry. The big take away is if developers actually got enough of what they needed from a stock X1 to bring on the goods for the Switch and keep us playing good quality, compelling content. Nintendo seemed to be receptive to upping the RAM and hearing out developers going into this, so I'm hoping there's some reciprocation on the software front to back up sticking with an X1.

Gamist2dot0578d ago

Ah. The chip that took 500 man years to make. Wth?

stuna1578d ago

It took 500 men 1 hour apiece to put 1 transistor on 1 piece of silicon lol.

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