CSM: Wario Land: Shake It! Review

CSM Writes:

"Wario Land: Shake It! is simply one of those platformers where everything clicks. (Well, everything except the inane elevator music soundtrack). The game features spectacular hand-drawn graphics and plenty of ingenious platforming gimmicks like Wario's ability to transform into fire and a snowball to break special barriers, swing from bars like a gymnast, ride a mechanical unicycle along a tight rope, and pick up and throw bouncing balls and bombs. The Wii remote is held sideways, and cleverly incorporates various shake functions into the gameplay, including rapidly bringing the controller downloads to execute a bodyslam, and shaking it to swing on bars or rattle enemies and make them drop useful items. Wario Land: Shake It's length is on the short side, and it doesn't push the boundaries of platform gaming like Super Mario Galaxy does, but if players are looking for a solid example of old-school, two-dimensional platforming then they'd be hard-pressed to find anything better."

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