CSM: Pure Review

CSM Writes:

"Pulling of aerial stunts after hitting enormous jumps is a big part of the Pure experience. These stunts power up an onscreen "thrill" meter, which can be used to provide a speed boost in any race. Plus, performing long trick combination is the only way to win freestyle events, which aren't judged based on speed but rather score. The good news is that nailing tricks is a snap; just push any direction on the control stick and press one of three face buttons that correspond to easy, medium, and hard stunts. The strategy comes in knowing how many tricks you can pull off in a single jump, and making sure you land in the proper position to hit the next trail or ramp. It's so fun and accessible that even players who normally don't like the idea of tricking in racing games might be tempted to give it a go."

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mboojigga4072d ago

Been playing this game non stop. So much fun online Freestyle is the best mode.