VGR: Castle Crashers Review

VG-Reloaded Writes:

"The visuals of Castle Crashers are like that of Alien Hominid, in fact there are a few references to it in the game but I won't spoil it too much. It runs smoothly and just looks amazing for an XBLA game, some enemies will annoy you more than others...for me it was the larger ones that kept picking me up and throwing me while others might find the blobs that attach themselves to you more frustrating. But the enemy design is great, even despite that. It's because they are annoying that you'll remember them more than the easier enemies."

"Castle Crashers may be steep at 1200 Microsoft Points, but you'll be hard pushed to find another enticing hack n' slash RPG that is very addictive, no matter how short it is. I can't recommend it high enough for those who enjoy this genre of games."

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