Fable 2 or Fallout 3?

With this holiday season coming and the HUGE amount of games being released, asks, if you only have time for one RPG this season, is it going to be Fable 2 or Fallout 3?

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Rick Astley4076d ago

Lol is this a joke?

Fallout 3 all the way.

JSA-Gamer4076d ago

I dunno man, fable 2 looks pretty sweet.

Rick Astley4076d ago

To compare Fable to a legendary franchise like Fallout is just idiotic. Just wait for the reviews and you'll see.

JSA-Gamer4076d ago

Rick, the article wasn't comparing the games, but rather simply stated that the author wanted both but only had time for one, so which one should it be. Go profess your Fanboy love elsewhere.

Fable 2 is gonna be a good game, no matter how much crying and whining you do.

UNCyrus4076d ago

How about Valkyria Chronicles?

meepmoopmeep4076d ago

the PS3 version of Fable 2 is the one to get.
but a hardcore Fallout fan should get the 360 version because DLC is the future because of DVD9


Palodios4076d ago

What are you talking about? Fallout 3 is most people's pick for game of the year, and Fable, while good, doesn't seem like its going to be extremely groundbreaking. So, if you can only choose between GOTY and not, what would you pick?

sonarus4076d ago

hahaha meep you seem to be getting yourself influenced by breakfast.

Anyway, both games vary in so many ways. In the end if you can't get both you can pick the one with the higher reviews. I honestly think fallout 3 will get that honor though. Its already been described as one of the major contenders for game of the yr.

ericnellie4076d ago

If you own a 360, get both;) If you only own a PS3 get Fallout 3. The only people who are going to talk trash about Fable 2 are 360 haters and I say "let them all eat cake"...LOL!

meepmoopmeep4076d ago

hahahha, yeah, i heard there's a video of Big Foot eating Breakfast
so he's not around, i gotta pick up the slack.

but yeah, if you can afford both games get both,
hell, if you can afford tons of games go for it.

but if you could only pick one, this really is a tough question.

Spydiggity4076d ago

Rick ONLY makes fanboy comments. only reason why he still has 5 bubbles is because he's a ps3 fanboy and not pc or 360.
i haven't read one good comment from him, and he comments almost every article i read.

aside from that. i really have to say that both games will probably be good but fallout3 is def my priority. fable 2 can wait til some of these other really good titles have been out for a while. i'm pretty sure fable 2 launches right around the same time as farcry 2 and that just makes the decision to wait even easier.

Perjoss4076d ago

the choice is SIMPLE, can you make your character in fallout 3 fart?? NO, this discussion is over.

but seriously, I cant wait to play either of these AAA titles. Gamers are simply too spoiled for choice the last couple of autumns. no matter which console you own, even the pc is getting serious love, not sure about the wii though.

r2kcipher4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

both look great but if ur on the fence, or can only afford one.. then i suggest fallout 3 it has more value.. longer playtime, better graphix/physix, and much more customization. i cant wait to dismember radi-people in slow motion..

fallout 3 is my top priority this fall. then goes lbp, farcry 2, and resistance 2. in that order.. if i had a 360 i would be getting fable 2 also.

witchking4076d ago

Fable 2 for me. I can't stomach another 100 hour marathon. I couldn't get through Oblivion and I can't imagine making it all the way through Fallout 3.

r2kcipher4076d ago

it doesnt have to be that long.. i hear u can beat it in under 5 hours if u want..

sonarus4076d ago

lol yea it also depends on your style of play. Fable 2 seems a bit silly while fallout goes for that more mature gamer type look with all the gore and all that.

InMyOpinion4076d ago

You could play one now and save the other one for later. It's not like it's going anywhere...

ass_divine4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

I will be getting both!

I'll be playing Fable 2 first. Though that's because it's out 1 week before Fallout 3.

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You bought an Xbox4076d ago (Edited 4076d ago )

Feeble 2

Ha Ha

OmarJA4076d ago

Fallout 3

Oblivion > Fable 2

Pain4076d ago

No question.

its marrowind with gunz...yea...

DarthTigra 4076d ago

I will be getting both but fable 2 first.

green4076d ago

Same here.I will get Fable 2 on day 1 but will get Fallout 3 either Christmas or in January.

Neoninja4076d ago

I'm with you guys. I'm getting fable 2 and fallout 3 day one. Gonna be broke for a little while but those two games are gonna be worth it.

DarthTigra 4076d ago

Those two games along with LBP will keep me busy until at least march im just now getting bored with mass effect after playing it since February.

SovereignSnaKe4076d ago

thats what i'm gonna do, I'm gonna save Fallout3 for like January when there isn't sh!t goin on and its like -10 outside! kaKow!

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deividpaulo4076d ago

fallout...fable 2 is ridiculous...its just anothe "windows game"

Spydiggity4076d ago

I really wish people would only comment on things they have a shred of knowledge about.