Fable II: Make Cash While Not Playing

Most RPGs make you ask the ask the same question: what was that giant rat doing with a sack of gold coins? Fable II has gone the more realistic route: you'll have to work for your money. There are some mini-games that simulate trades like blacksmithing, but one of the options is to invest.

Presumably you'll be able to rent out homes just as you did in the original Fable, but in the sequel you can invest in shops. Luckily they're not going the truly realistic route: you won't have to stop by the shop to pick up your profits, nor will you have to break someone's thumbs if they can't pay. As you're off slaying Hobbes or robbing innocent merchants, the cash will roll in every five minutes of real world time.

If you find yourself unable to play for a while there's an odd side benefit: the cash will keep rolling in even when you're not venturing through the world of Albion. Even when your Xbox is turned off, you'll accumulate the same amount of profit every five minutes.

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Pebz4073d ago

That is very cool, puts the good old money grind to shame.

The Lazy One4073d ago

now this?!

what's next? has the devil got his winter coat?

meepmoopmeep4073d ago

yeah, but the PS3 version has this feature as well, but it can also run while you're Folding
so the PS3 version of Fable 2 is superior.


This game has so much depth to it!

Perhaps Peter M has come good again,you cant keep a good developer down.

Shame about the rats not having any gold coins though -

Aslong as i can wander into someones house,pump them for information before searching through their cupboards,wardrobes and robbing them of health potions without them batting an eyelid then im good

Killjoy30004073d ago

I heard about this quite a while ago. Pretty cool feature. Fable II will be amazing, no doubt.

TheColbertinator4073d ago

That is amazing indeed.Nice work Lionhead.Very good idea and I can see other RPG games trying the same thing

wazborn4073d ago

THAT IS AMAZING.. lionhead keep it up...

Games to the people!!!

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The story is too old to be commented.