It's alive: Ars reviews AmigaOS 4.1

Ars: From its very inception, the Amiga has been about defying conventional wisdom. In the early 1980s, everyone knew that personal computers weren't powerful enough to multitask, but the Amiga proved the naysayers wrong. In the 1990s it was accepted that PCs couldn't possibly edit production-ready video, but the Amiga's Video Toaster add-on changed that and revolutionized the industry.

Sadly, these days the Amiga is no longer breaking new ground technologically. However, the platform continues to defy conventional wisdom by its stubborn refusal to fade into the digital night. Long after most people had given it up for dead, companies such as Hyperion Entertainment Inc. are hard at work improving and enhancing the operating system. I had a chance to look at a preview copy of the latest release, AmigaOS 4.1, and it is an impressive piece of work.

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