PSP vending machine trials begin in the US

On Tuesday company officials announced plans to roll out vending machines that will sell all manner of items, such as PSPs, digital cameras, CD players, games and DVDs. The vending machines dubbed Sony Access, which stock around 50 SKUs are already being trialled at three shopping centres: Atlanta's Mall of Georgia; Flatirons Mall in Boulder, Colorado; and the Santa Rosa Mall in Santa Rosa, California.

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OutLaw5822d ago

I could see somebody trying to shake the machine to drop something from it.

schnodder5822d ago

I could see somebody trying to find it's weakpoint for massive damage!!

Fuzz McDeath5822d ago

...its always the belly....Just remember to change weapons (in real-time, preferably) before you attempt...

joemutt5822d ago

If your already at the freaking mall, go to the videogame store. They need these places where you cant buy them. Stupid idea, what if it got stuck, myou know like a bag of chips! I dont want my PSP falling 4 feet to the bottom of the vending machine, breaking, and trying to return it would be a nightmare. And if you hit the wrong buttons, you know E5 instead of D6, your screwed.

OutLaw5822d ago

All very good points.

EddyMink5817d ago

would someone who is already at a mall rather go to a vending machine, or to a electronics store? I would rather pay a person $100 then a machine.

shotty5822d ago

Imagine after I putting in my 800 quarters the psp gets stuck half way down. Coke and Pepsi are going to get pissed.