Hermen Hulst (Guerrilla Games): "PlayStation lets us make what we want"

Hermen Hulst explains why parent company PlayStation has such absolute confidence in the Amsterdam company. "We can do whatever we want. So far all games Guerrilla have been profitable. As long as we hold that we keep our creative freedom. "

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UCForce2153d ago

The only publisher I respect the most is Sony. This interview make me happy.

Razzer2153d ago

This is why Sony always has the best games.

fromchildren2153d ago

They have the best and the worst games.
Best are Quality games like Horizon zero dawn and Bloodborne and the worsts like Tomorrow children.

The point is, Sony takes risks.

Eonjay2152d ago


Yes you are right to say they take risks and this is their greatest asset. Horizon is amazing. GG themselves said they went with the concept because they felt it was the riskiest. No it can go either way with critical reception but you have to respect them for trying. Horizon is a triumph of risk taking and skill.

WeAreLegion2152d ago

The Tomorrow Children is great. What are you talking about?

Ceaser98573612152d ago

The more freedom you get the more ideas comes in and from there the best can be selected after brain storming and most results are amazing but yeah there can be some disputes but at least the people behind the project ain't in some control and feel suffocated.

GG had finalized 3 new projects and Zero dawn was one of them.

SolidDuck2152d ago

Ok no, the tomorrow children is awful. I get to each there own. I get people liking the order or other games most people didn't like. But the tomorrow children flat out sucks.

Kingthrash3602152d ago

I can't count how many times I've said this on n4g and on youtube.
The reason why Playstation and nintendo make quality games is because of the freedom.
If 343 and the coalition were allowed to do more than just halo and gears they may also have made some great new ips for xbox. MS needs to take risks like this

uth112152d ago

Has Tomorrow Children improved? I tried the betas and found them not very playable

2152d ago
IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Giving developers the freedom to make the type of game that they want is why Sony has so many classics and critically acclaimed games under the PlayStation moniker and this generation will be no different.

The next critically acclaimed games coming I predict are:
God of War 4
Days Gone
Death Stranding
Obviously, The Last of Part II
Of course, Spider-man

What other development house is going to release so many hits and original games? Maybe Blizzard or Rockstar? I don't see any others doing it.

BitbyDeath2152d ago

The Tomorrow Children is amazing, it's just your taste that's awful.

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Tear1112153d ago

Agree, that explains why Sony rule the consoles.
I'm waiting now for Days Gone , the Newest IP from Sony with Bend Studio.

Bathyj2153d ago

Going to be a lot of eyes on that one. If youre bringing out an open world game after Horizon (post post post apocalypse?) then theres going to be a lot of pressure on it, especially for a Sony 1st party game.

Good luck Sony Bend, youve been working on it a long time. The tech seems to be there. Lets hope they pull off the multitude of other things you need to get right to make a really special game.

RememberThe3572152d ago

I'm looking forward to Day's Gone as well, but is it just me or does today's gaming scene seem ripe for a new Syphon Filter? I suppose a man can dream...

toddybad2152d ago

I know a lot of people are waiting for that and ,fair enough, i hope you get a game you enjoy.

I personally find the premise of the game to be boring samey zombie nonsence. Had enough of zombie games.

Its a bit different to horizon where it had a fresh premise and robot animals/creatures/dinosaurs (i know, beasts really, but we ask thought robo dinosaurs when we saw the trailers).

_-EDMIX-_2153d ago

Agreed , even if someone doesn't particularly like their games they gotta give them respect for the Endeavor to allow their developers to have this type of creative freedom if they're successful.

I understand it's business and not all Publishers can do this but I believe that most should be aiming for something like this.

IamTylerDurden12152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Sony allows many of their first party studios to operate like an independent. They do not pressure these studios and force creative decisions on them like other companies and the results show.

trooper_2152d ago

I respect them as well. Always willing to take risks.

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jp_footy22153d ago

"So far all games Guerrilla have been profitable. As long as we hold that we keep our creative freedom. " That's probably why Sony closed Evo. :(

freshslicepizza2153d ago

well it is a business after all. sony deserves respect for supporting teams that do well.

DarXyde2152d ago

Perhaps. If that is the case, I must say, that's an awful amount of pressure. I don't know the history of Evolution in terms of past profitability, but if Drive Club was their first game that didn't yield any profit (I don't know if it did or did not), that's pretty scary. Maybe it had to do with the loss quantitatively or qualitatively. The company took a lot of heat for Drive Club and it likely wasn't profitable. If it really is a one strike rule, that's pretty rough.

Well, as you say, they're a business first. I figured it wouldn't matter now though. Playstation is pretty lucrative.

notachance2152d ago

at least they let the developers to actually release the game first before closing it though or we wouldn't get the likes of The Last Guardian if it was...


because of development hell or they deemed it won't be profitable


uth112152d ago

I believe Evo's previous game prior to Drive Club was hurt by the PSN outage. Then Driveclub got a years delay, and then the multiplayer code was almost completely broken on launch - which took months to 100% fix.

So while Driveclub did eventually become something to be proud of, the studio was probably bleeding money for years

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_-EDMIX-_2153d ago

I mean logically that indeed would be the reason why they closed them down

if they're not profitable Sony could not keep losing money you have to understand that Driveclub was delayed in still launched with issues the team was clearly given numerous chances it sucks but this is a business we don't really know how much Driveclub cost Sony.

sampson31212153d ago

i do know it sold 3 million hard copies of Driveclub so i would like to know how they lost money.

_-EDMIX-_2153d ago

@Samp- You don't know at what cost ie those 3 million units were not all at full price.

Also you don't know how much went into development after all those delays. Sony might have been fine with 3 million LTD sales......if it came on time and didn't cost them more money. This is what likely caused them to lose money. They projected for a different release, different end development time etc.

Its not always about a number bud. Many times its about the literal cost of development, marketing etc. Those set backs and delays are costly, especially if they don't equal to MORE units sold to cover the loss. Sony has been very upfront with many of their teams to where I'd side with them if they had to close a team. I just don't think it was them being mean, I think this was just down to simple business.

InFamous doesn't really go past 2 million often yet we have like 3 of them, but the team likely doesn't cost Sony much money if they are on time and meet all deadlines.

ShadowWolf7122152d ago


Well considering the sheer amount of post-launch work needed to fix that game, they may well still have lost money, sadly. And between that and a launch botched that bad, getting the plug pulled isn't too shocking.

nX2152d ago

As they closed it down well after launch I would rather suspect that their NEXT project was not good enough to convince Sony. It sucks that they lost their job but Sony probably lost not only money, but also a lot of reputation due to the desastrous launch of the game.

CP_Company2152d ago

yes,Driveclub started hard,but after 1 month everything started to get well.they fixed the game,and now Driveclub considered one of the best arcade race game.
they had a platform for Driveclub 2.

uth112152d ago

@samp - when they had a years delay, that's a whole extra year of development costs that makes it much harder to break even.

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KwietStorm_BLM2152d ago

I really miss Motorstorm :l

Why o why2152d ago

Same . . . I really hope it can be rejuvenated somehow.

snoopgg2152d ago

Yeah i still play them on ps3, cause they were so fun.

InTheZoneAC2152d ago

motorstorm apocalypse may not have been profitable, but I still own it. Pacific Rift was my favorite, I wish Sony would give us another.

If you are a racing fan I promise you'll enjoy motorstorm and driveclub, despite the unwarranted hate that driveclub received. I still play it every now and then.

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BlakHavoc2153d ago

The sequel will be even better, they normally are considering devs get to take everything that made the original great, expand upon it, while also taking feedback and fixing anything fans felt held the original back.

_-EDMIX-_2153d ago

The sequels by Sony's teams are absolutely legendary!!!!

HollowKnight2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

I love how some people consider publishers who make the same 30+ year old games as Innovators, when Infact publishers like gorilla games that break sales world records with new Ideas are the real Pioneers of the gaming Industry.

phantomexe2152d ago

Love horizon but what's new about it? The game great but we seen these same ideas it games before. To me whats cool is they went from fps to action rpg which in itself is amazing in this day and age. They reinvented themselves. The mechanics,leveling,perk even art style we seen before but they put it together nicely. Cool that sony gives them that freedom.

DarkOcelet2152d ago


I don't remember a game that let you fight Mecha Dinos in a post apocalyptic world so that's new and cool.

While there are many ideas that are similar to other games, Horizon zero dawn is the only true open world that has achieved an incredibly smooth gameplay that you usually see in Linear games. Most open world games have a bit of a clunky gameplay so that's amazing from them and they should be applauded for that.

Imalwaysright2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

Those 30 old games you're talking about, revolutionized and moved gaming forward and they are the reason why Horizon exists as we know it to be today and the same is true for countless other games. To diminish the importance of the games that innovated, revolutionized and moved this industry forward is to diminish this industry itself.

@ Darkocelot Would Horizon have that smooth gameplay if it didn't borrow gameplay mechanics from other games that introduced and set those mechanics as standard in this industry?

DarkOcelet2152d ago


Every game out there borrows elements from each other. If Resi 4 didn't exist, we wouldn't have beauties like The Last Of Us or Gears Of War or the countless other TPS out there. It's important to acknowledge those games but Horizon did that in an Open World Environment so that alone is amazing combined with the fact that HZD has some of the best visuals ever seen in a game.

Imalwaysright2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

@ DarkOcelet

"Every game out there borrows elements from each other" And that is exactly why the games that revolutionized and moved gaming forward by introducing and setting new elements that we had not seen before as standard are extremely important for this industry. The games that we're playing today wouldn't be what they are today if it wasn't for those games. That's why if you diminish their importance, you are diminishing this industry itself.

As for Horizon, I haven't played it yet but from what I've seen I don't see anything groundbreaking about it. Batman, Assassin's Creed, Watchdogs and Shadow of Mordor (imo the only revolutionary game this gen with its nemesis system) are third person open world games that don't have clunky gameplay however I'll say that what GG did in terms of graphical fidelity is nothing short of amazing. An open world game rivaling the best looking linear games on the PS4 (The Order and Uncharted 4) tech wise is impressive.

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IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2152d ago


You said you didn't see anything groundbreaking about Horizon Zero Dawn, but you haven't played it? Are you serious?
Name one game set in a post apocalyptic world where you hunted and were hunted by robotic dinosaurs...

Your user name is the ultimate paradox.

Imalwaysright2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

What you're saying, I already knew WITHOUT having played the game and no I don't see anything groundbreaking about it from what I've seen so far. Its a cool concept but that's all it is. Post apocalyptic games are a dime a dozen and adding robotic dinosaurs is just a new twist to what is a well established genre across games and movies. Might as well say that TloU was groundbreaking because fungi was humanity main enemy.

trooper_2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )


I'm sorry but Guerilla Games deserves a LOT of credit for this game. They took a risk with open world and it paid off.

You let me know what game has mechanical dinosaurs and is as gorgeous and breathtaking as Horizon Zero.

I'll wait.

Imalwaysright2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )


Again, things that I already know about the game. I'm not saying that GG doesn't deserve credit for the game they made. I'm saying that from what I've seen so far I don't see anything that makes me say: this game is revolutionary. Hell of all the games I played this gen I would say that Shadow of Mordor is the only groundbreaking game because of its nemesis system and even then, that game borrowed elements from other games.

I'm currently playing Zelda and I consider it a masterpiece but I would never say that it is a revolutionary game and the same is true for other games I played this gen such as The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Ni-oh or Bayonetta 2. I don't consider any of these games to be revolutionary but I do consider them masterpieces. On the other hand I would never say that Killswitch is a masterpiece despite being the game that has introduced the modern cover system that we see in most third person games today. I just don't like when people diminish the importance of a game like Killswitch because without it we wouldn't have Gears, Vanquish, Mass Effect or TloU.

When I'm saying that I don't see anything groundbreaking about a game, I'm not saying that it is bad game. Far from it. Persona 5 is by far my most anticipated game of this generation and from what I've seen so far, there isn't anything revolutionary or groundbreaking about it either.

Sparta072152d ago

Don't bother with him ( iamalwayssalty ). Any chance he gets to down play anything Sony, he goes for it.

LP-Eleven2152d ago

It is. I once learned that while arguing with him. Just not worth it.

OT: Of course they do. The recent release of the groundbreaking Horizon: Zero Dawn just proves that Sony lets their companies step out of their shells and try something new! Very much why they remain my favorite of the big 3!

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )


You still don't get it. How would you know anything about the game other than it's pretty, has robot dinosaurs, and a female protagonist that uses a bow if you haven't played it?
Let's see if he gets it this time.

I've never played The Breathe of the Wild, but if I were to say it isn't a masterpiece without having played it what would you say in response?

Imalwaysright2152d ago (Edited 2152d ago )

@ IGiveHugs2NakedWomen

Get what? The reasons that you gave me as to why you consider Horizon as a groundbreaking game are very apparent to anyone that has not played the game. All you talked about was its concept, not how the concept was executed.

@ Sparta

So I'm downplaying games that I consider to be masterpieces and the game I want to play the most because I don't see anything revolutionary about them? Interesting! Was I also downplaying GG when I said that Horizon tech wise was impressive?

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PhoenixUp2153d ago

Nice that Sony doesn't force its developers to stay on only one franchise

81BX2153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

There you go! I knew it wouldn't take long for an article to bring out the trolls.

Kiwi662153d ago (Edited 2153d ago )

Guess you missed the memo about how Playground Games, the studio who do the Forza Horizon series are opening a second studio to make a game that isn't Forza

Why o why2152d ago


That's good but not quite a memo moment. . Infrequent to the point it's like a one off but good all the same. It'll be interesting to see what they can do. Maybe Microsoft learnt from the bungie situation.

Liqu1d2152d ago

@81BX He's right though, 343, Turn 10, and The Coalition are forced to stick to 1 franchise.

@Kiwi66 Does MS own Playground Games? No, they're independent and can do what they want.

IGiveHugs2NakedWomen2152d ago

It isn't trolling if what he says is true and everyone knows that it is true.

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Orpheo2153d ago

Good, then next time make a better Killzone game.
KZ1 was great. KZ2 was horrible. KZ3 was tied for my fave game on PS3. Liberation was okay. Mercenary was really good. Shadow Fall was bad.

Der_Kommandant2153d ago

I think KZ2 was the best one imo

_-EDMIX-_2153d ago

Killzone 2 is that Masterpiece that's one of my favorite first person shooters last Generation, I actually hope they do a significant remaster as bluepoint games could probably to a pretty damn good job.

I love the physics, the shadows and Lighting the dark atmosphere that was just an amazing game.

Granted I liked the first Killzone but nowhere near as much as I like Doom 3 or Halo or Half-Life 2 or anything like that around that time. But Killzone 2 is just so far above the first game you might as well say the series starts with the second game.

Orpheo2153d ago

Maybe peeps can explain it to me 'cause I just can't see it. I've beaten every Killzone and my order from best KZ to worst KZ would be:
KZ3 > KZ1 > KZM > KZL > KZSF > KZ2

LP-Eleven2153d ago

Killzone 2 was anything BUT horrible! In fact, it put the franchise on the map for me. Its subsequent sequels may not have been as good (though I still liked both of them, particularly Shadowfall), but Killzone 2 is, rightfully, a favorite for many people!

I'm sure they've learned a new trick or two from Horizon. I expect great things from the next installment in the Killzone series.

Dark_Knightmare22153d ago

Killzone 2 horrible lol man I know people have different tastes but that's just nuts to me

UCForce2153d ago

"Killzone 2 is horrible" "double facepalm".