Planet Xbox 360: Galaga Legions Review

Planet Xbox 360 writes: "The announcement of Galaga Legions was met with much excitement months ago when folks realized that it was developed by the same team responsible for must-have Pac-Man Championship Edition. While this is better than the typical retro port XBLA usually gets, given its pedigree, it is hard not to feel that this one is a bit of a letdown.

The game maintains its classic vertical shooter frame, but makes some major enhancements that extend beyond its updated looks. Your classic spaceship now has two 'satellite' ships attached, which serve as turrets, of sorts. While attached to the ship, they make your steady stream of fire a little wider and more effective. A quick flip of your right stick places one away from the ship, firing in whichever of the four main directions you pressed. It is a nice novelty at first, but becomes essential to your success by the second area, as the speed and number of enemies begins greatly increasing. While originally a vertical shooter, and it still somewhat is, enemies now come from all sides; leaving you in need of watching your own back with a satellite or two often."

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