Horizon: Zero Dawn studio teases story DLC - '[we're] already hard at work on an expansion'

A Horizon: Zero Dawn expansion is on the way, with mention of DLC tucked away in a press release about the game selling 2.6 million globally.

Obviously, selling loads is great and everything (the release mentions that Horizon: Zero Dawn is the "best-selling new first party IP launch on the PS4 system to date"), but the promise of new stuff is far more interesting.

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nX672d ago

Damn right, best news of the day. Hopefully the sequel is being planned and written as well.

Ceaser9857361672d ago

New area, New machine.. around 10 to 15 hours of main mission and with side quest over 20 hours would be amazing.. CDPR did it and i believe with pool of talents and expertise GG has acquired over the years, they too can do it...

I just wish GG gives us a new game plus option ..

ninsigma672d ago

Can't wait. Horizon is a wonderful experience. Looking forward to getting back into that world with new content :D

672d ago