Brothers in Arms: Hell's Highway review embargo at 5pm UK time tonight

Keep your eyes peeled, WWII shooter fans, for the lifting of the worldwide super-embargo on Brother in Arms: Hell's Highway at 5pm UK time tonight.

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Zip4072d ago

I had the game since saturday, read my review here:
(main questien answering)

bouncybullet4072d ago

Too bad nobody would be able to review multiplayer without anyone else playing it yet.

Xlll4072d ago

U mean ur cheap shared ram? you do know PS3 has the same amount only its not low budget shared Bs like you have in the heatbox can't fix me

random67890123454072d ago

ps3 has the exact same amount u gotta b fackin kiddin me u retarted xbots fanboys are jsut being dumb and blind now like really the only differnce is we dont share ours wish actually makes ps3 better are you simple slow or stupped?