Super Mario Odyssey Focuses on the Best Thing About Mario Games: His Regular Ol' Self

Mario is who he is because of his mobility. The worlds he explores are always colorful, charming, and challenging, but they wouldn't mean a thing if traversing them didn't convey a sense of momentum and flow, of controlling a character who moves with palpable weight and inertia. It's something you feel within seconds of starting the original Super Mario Bros., and Nintendo has preserved and polished the magic formula of Mario's movement ever since, miraculously translating Mario's distinct 2D handling into the gold standard of 3D platforming. That ideal sensation of total control has yet to be topped - even by Nintendo itself. But it looks like Super Mario Odyssey on Nintendo Switch could change all that, reinventing the immaculate wheel that is Super Mario 64's movement.

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PhoenixUp579d ago

I personally have enjoyed all the different styles of 3D Mario games since they are al expertly crafted

Moonman579d ago (Edited 579d ago )

Absolutely. It's safe to say I'll be playing Odyssey day 1. ;p

578d ago
Erik7357578d ago

I thought it was really clever when they added the hat mechanics. This added a whole new layer to not only Mario's character but also the gamsplay without really adding a single thing to mario's physical appearance and make it work.

Like there is so much depth into mario. Now his hat is like a little guy and has abilities of its own. I wounder if this will be a staple of future mario games.

Warshade578d ago

They only thing I hope they do differently from the Mario 64 series is power ups. I want to see many of the old Mario 3 and world power ups added even if just for certain levels. Here is hoping anyway!

Moonman576d ago

The Cape never made it to 3D yet, would be awesome to see.