Gaming Nexus: SideWinder X5 Review

Gaming Nexus writes: "Microsoft isn't letting up these days with their resurrected SideWinder line offering more gaming peripherals lately. Their last mouse that I reviewed, the SideWinder Mouse, was a good attempt at a high end gaming mouse but I found it to be average for the price and features presented to you. The design wasn't too bad though and I do use it as my everyday mouse. Today we have the Microsoft Sidewinder X5 mouse and it should look very familiar to you.

The SideWinder X5 gaming mouse is pretty much the same physically as the SideWinder mouse but just a tad bit smaller and with some few changes. Let's go with the basics first. There are five programmable buttons with two main mouse buttons on top, the scroll wheel button, and two side buttons. The two side buttons are stacked vertically instead of horizontally which I do like. It makes reaching for the thumb buttons a little easier by going up and down. Unlike the Sidewinder mouse, the X5's scroll wheel and thumb buttons are rubber instead of metallic. By changing the wheel to be rubber, it felt more comfortable on the index finger when scrolling. Unfortunately, it doesn't have the tilt functionality that's seen in a lot of mice today. There's still the Vista specific Game Explorer button that can't be changed though and I wish Microsoft would've let you change what that button can do for those on XP."

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I'm too much of a Logitech fanboy I guess you can say, I always seem to go back to their products!