Nintendo Switch Uses Stock NVIDIA Tegra X1 T210 CPU & GM20B Maxwell Core

A Nintendo Switch teardown has revealed that Nintendo’s new platform uses a stock NVIDIA Tegra X1 CPU and GM208 Maxwell GPU.It’s been known for quite a well that the Switch would be powered by a NVIDIA Tegra processor. In October of last year, NVIDIA announced that Nintendo’s new hybrid platform would sport a “custom Tegra processor”. “

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porkChop2195d ago (Edited 2195d ago )

This article could be completely right, but the source doesn't actually claim anywhere that the chip hasn't been customized in any way. The source says it looks to be a T210 and GM20B, and explains what cores, etc, those would have, but doesn't mention stock anywhere. It's only even mentioned in one small paragraph.

Some clarification would be nice so that people could just accept the system for what it is.

bf0007779662194d ago

the customization is that the chip is downclocked.

bouzebbal2194d ago

Who cares, it still can't run 3rd party games without drastic sacrifices..
Just watch dragon quest heroes 2 comparison. Water effect is worse than what we have seen on n64

morganfell2194d ago

Uhm bouzebbal... he was being sarcastic. Did you read what he wrote? You are replying like he said something good about the chip.

mossman2193d ago

I find your response simultaneously stupid and hilarious. Well played!

corroios2195d ago

Not even a custam chip and they want 330 for this? With 720p screen in 2017 . If sony or microsoft did this!

MRMagoo1232194d ago

no no no nintendo dont get free passes remember tut tut tut at least that's what I have been told about 100 times.

Nu2193d ago

MRMagoo what did Nintendo do to you? /s

higgins782194d ago

Yes, a 720p screen is sensible because a 6inch screen demands little more AND battery life, that is keeping it relatively healthy. Asking for 1080p (for example) would be overkill on such a small screen AND reduce battery life. Don't get me wrong, I've plenty gripes with my Switch, this is NOT one of them.

CrimsonPheonix2193d ago

"If sony or microsoft did this!"

Then you would consider them brilliant for not wasting hardware resources on unnecessary resolution.

Segata2193d ago

Vita has a 540P screen.

XtreemGamer2193d ago

Vita was released way back in 2011... try again.

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Wallstreet372194d ago

As I posted before and debated back and forth with the arm chair analysts and know it all's on here. The neogaf insiders and rumors were true once again! Switch uses the chips we all knew but blind fanboys hyped up as some secret sauce "customized chip" bs. All consoles have customized chips but they vary little from the stock versions. Ppl trying to put the twist "well it's not an x1 Tegra chip because it's modified was hilarious. Here you go, go eat crow like you do on a monthly bases lol

wonderfulmonkeyman2194d ago

Most of this is unsubstantiated/unclarified, as Porkchop said above.

Wallstreet372194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

lol some of you never give up. Insiders have been right about this thing over 90% of the time and the defense force just doesn't quit. When it doesn't suit or put Nintendo in a positive light it's always same excuse. Porkchop as a matter of fact as I remember was one of the crusaders trying to paint the Nintendo chip as so highly customized that it couldn't be called an x1 tegra lol haha how hilarious. I tried to tell ppl all consoles have modified chip but they vary little from stock so Nintendos chip would be an x1 tegra and low and behold this news. Unsubstantiated huh? Lol professional have did tear downs already with pictures of the chips,dyes and all (see my other post). This isn't unsubstantiated bro, try again.

We will be OK, I'm enjoying my portable switch all the same.

_-EDMIX-_2194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

At the end of the day what does it actually matter? It's not going to be able to run the top third party triple A Properties so I'm not really sure the relevance of just how weak it is really matters , it's not powerful enough so no one really cares just by how much

It's not powerful enough so the specifics it's actually irrelevant to most users.

What's ironic is the same insiders technically leak the entire damn platform before it's released so I'm not sure what's the desperation of trying to pretend that they're wrong on this one thing when some of this damn insiders leaked the platform even it announcement release date

For god sakes you were even commenting on some of the information when it was confirmed but you're trying to pretend that this isn't true suddenly?

LMFAO yes, everything else is already been confirmed to be correct but yes this is the one thing that's a mystery. /s

2193d ago
Qdog2193d ago


Not powerful enough, eh?

Seems like if the game is optimized and properly compiled, the same hardware in the ShieldTV can run PC ports at 1080p 60fps no problem.

The Switch runs the X1 throttled gpu clock settings of the Shield TV (768mhz under sustained load), and we still don't know for sure what the CPU clocks are. We now know that it has 4x A57 cores and 4x A53 cores, but at what speeds?

So how is it not powerful enough?

_-EDMIX-_2193d ago

@Q- yes not powerful enough I'm not sure why you thought showing me a montage of last generation games was going to change something, do you not understand the concept of something more powerful? It is not a subjective idea it is an objective one for a fact it is not more powerful than the Xbox One or PlayStation 4.

Thus it will not receive games that I have been created with a purpose of maxing out those platforms.

In order for it to receive games on the Xbox One or PlayStation 4 level it actually has to be equivalent to all areas for developers to not have to do shortcuts and workarounds or downgrades.

To my understanding for an objective fact it is not equivalent to an Xbox One or PlayStation 4 and all areas for such a thing to be feasible therefore no it is not powerful "enough" based on that concept.

You're basically asking for all third-party developers to Nerf their games and make them last generation looking....

I mean in that respect sure it could possibly be enough if developers felt that the Xbox one and PlayStation 4 or actually too powerful and did not really serve their needs you would technically be correct. ie last Generation what's inside of the Wii U or the switch could be in theory exactly what developers needed and 8 gigs of RAM and all the GPU power in PlayStation 4 and Xbox One would have been unused and not needed , then sure you could have the argument that the switch is enough but that would only make sense if no one was maxing out Xbox one and PlayStation 4.

That is not the case.

Qdog2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )


I perhaps gave you too much credit when I expected a reasonable consideration. Last gen or not, they are still full on PC ports and most of 5hem playing at 1080p 60fps. You're argument that it's too weak to play more modern console games is ironically weak as well. It's no slouch for a mobile and no doubt it will get games third party or otherwise. Come back to my comment in a year and let's continue this discussion. Or are you just adamantly against a console because of the manufacturer's brand?

I own them all every generation, new and used, and before the switch I spent most of my time on steam (recently sold an 18+ Teraflop PC) and Xbox one, regardless I am brand agnostic and play the most on the system that gives me the best experience currently. It's sad that you'll likely miss out on that as a gamer because of your unsupported statements. You aren't fooling anyone, your post history is in almost every Nintendo thread saying derogatory things about anything Nintendo Switch.

Also, no console within a generation has ever been the equivalent of another and they all required scaling and optimizations, it didn't stop any of them from getting games. Every generation going back decades, at least one console was weaker in some aspect than the other.

Even now Xbox one is technically inferior to PS4, and PS4 is inferior to PS4 Pro, and all of them will be inferior to Scorpio, yet all will receive games on a regular release schedule with some things turned down.

So to borrow your own logic, all multi platform developers are already "nerfing" their games to get them to run on weaker systems, why would they say no to Nintendo when they already do it and it's a part of the industry as a whole?

It is my well researched opinion that the switch has ample hardware to deliver solid and memorable gaming experiences on the go, no matter the developer.

ABizzel12193d ago


The point of disclosing the details, is to finalize where the Switch is performance wise, so there's no more questioning it's performance by fans who have no grasp on technology and simply spread misinformation regarding hardware. Now people know the ballpark performance. There were still people claiming the Switch had a 1 TFLOP GPU which holds some truth, but not for gaming. The Tegra X1 is only 1 TFLOP in FP16, not FP32 which is what gaming is based on when GPUs are rated by floating point comparisons, with similar processors.

It just ends all that misinformation.


It would be nice if you actually listed the performance of those games. Because considering I have the NVIDIA shield TV, and I've checked performance on several of those games and Eurogamer has it as well, the only AAA game from that montage that runs 1080p @ 60fps is Doom BFG edition. Metal Gear is notoriously bad running on the hardware. Though in your defence it's not fully optimized for the NVIDIA platform. The Switch is capable of running last-gen games at 1080p resolutions, and in some cases 60fps depending on the game, due to a more powerful GPU.

But overall it's not getting support from AAA 3rd party games, because the performance gap is too far for the majority of western developers to care, making a port means having a completely separate team for Switch versions, and the expense to profit balance in not in their favor based on history.

Qdog2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )


Thank you for the intelligent reply. I posted A link to a video of PC ports running on the Shield TV, because if a picture is worth a thousand words, a video is worth even more. The reasoning behind being vague is that nobody knows how modern of a game will run on the switch. The Switch is a solid platform that uses arguably the highest performing mobile hardware that was available to Nintendo at a competitive price when they decided to go forward with the Switch. Nobody is saying it's going to max the Witcher 3 at 4k 60fps like my former PC did, but it has a lot of appeal to people who want to play console quality games on the go, which I'd argue touches the Vita crowd as well (dwindling though they may be). I just wish people would stop knocking the system long enough for Nintendo to show us what can be done with it. Word of mouth can be very very damaging and folks around here play it really friggin fast and loose in that regard.

I myself had the k1 tablet, and I loved it. It played a host of demanding games and I spent many an hour with it in console mode. The Switch has better hardware than the K1 and I am of the distinct opinion that with NVidia as a partner, the stable of AAA titles available on the switch could grow exponentially. Really, how hard would it be to port games that run well on Shield TV to the Switch? Has nobody considered this little tidbit?

I'm one of the people that wanted an X1 tablet, and Nintendo was the company to make it happen.

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babadivad2193d ago

Yup, I called this months ago. It's X1 and it's Maxwell. Got down voted to oblivion.

Wallstreet372194d ago (Edited 2194d ago )

Teardowns have been done and the chips are as stated.

Next time instead of being know it alls and letting your blind love of a corporation take over your every response (always in defense of it) , try to investigate and not dismiss insider info :)

By the way I'm a proud owner of the portable console switch.

blady_man2194d ago

Thats right, i knew when i bought it it didnt have the power of a ps4, but then again thats why i bought a ps4 pro!! I am loving the switch and loving even more zelda, and horizon dawn is damm good too!!!

Wallstreet372193d ago

I agree. I love the build and the switch for what it is, a great portable with option to play on big screen.

UltimateOwnage2193d ago (Edited 2193d ago )

Same for me. I have a Pro for the stuff Switch will never be able to run, and I love the switch just the same regardless of it's specs. They're entertainment, and the switch entertains me extremely well at the moment on my TV or wherever I'm at in the house. I'm satisfied, because I never expected something so small to be on par with a PS4 and still be mobile when I bought the thing. Hell, I still play my PS1 and SNES games and don't give a damn about pixel count, I care about being entertained and that's where I get my sense of value in the product.

girevik2193d ago

Yes! I can't stop switching (pun intended) between Horizon and Zelda! Both are amazing games.

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