Is 4K the Killer Gamers Expected?

Microsoft is acting like Project Scorpio is the first true 4K console. Sony's still trying to move the PlayStation 4 Pro. The question is, should everyone be already fighting for 4K superiority?

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FallenAngel1984582d ago

Most games can barely keep 1080p 60fps these days and now we're expected to believe they'll all suddenly fully grasp 4K?

TheCommentator582d ago

MS will also have high fidelity 1080p modes for their titles. Users can choose to play with XB1 PQ at 4K, or in another mode like 1080p or checkerboard with higher fidelity. 4K was a huge deal for PC eliteists when XB1 and PS4 were new... I guess now that there's the Pro which has to fake it most of the time it's not a big deal anymore? It's all a matter of bias... I mean perspective.

Seriously though, what's next, XB1S upscaled looks nearly as good as native 4K? Side by side comparisons of Tomb Raider show that the differences between 1080 upscaled and checkerboard is about as noticeable as the difference between checkerboard and native 4K... so why not just upscale 1080p and forget the rest? It would make better use of the power of Pro/Scorpio anyways.

iDadio582d ago

The first two sentences couldn't of been worded better by Phil Spencer, this article is a discussion about is 4K relevant to most yet not a opportunity to wave your fanboy schlong.

On topic it's still too expensive to be mainstream, but time will reduce that.

Aenea582d ago

Bwahahaha, so 1080p upscaled to 2160p is almost as good as 2160p checkerboard rendered? You're hilarious!

You're gonna be so disappointed during the Holidays......

TheCommentator582d ago (Edited 582d ago )

That's right, Aenea. When you stop laughing, take a look at some side by sides of Tomb Raider... like I said you should do. The XB1S in upscaled 4K is almost indistinguishable from the checkerboard 4K. BTW, what does resolution have to do with the holidays?

TheCommentator581d ago

Matter of fact, there's pics of Mass Effect Andromeda side by side too and it's the same thing as I described with Tomb Raider.

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meka2611582d ago

With having just bought a 4k tv I can definitely say that yes it is the future for gaming, then onto 8k. But it does look amazing.

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Thunder_G0d_Bane582d ago

True 4k 60fps gaming isn't here yet. Even the new GeForce 1080ti can't do GTA 5 at a consistent 60fps.

And that card costs £699-799

There's no way consoles will be able to do it anytime soon unless they're talking native 4k 60fps hotline Miami lool

TheCommentator582d ago (Edited 582d ago )

Forza 6 and Gears of War 4 (MP), are already going to hit 4K/60 on Scorpio when it launches. Epic fail on your part, bud.

Goldby582d ago

just a heads up commentator.

Gears 4 hits the 60fps because its still rendering below 1080p and upscaling to the 4k.
scorpio aint gonna be some magic sauce that makes everything native 4k60fps at 6tf specially newer games.

TheCommentator582d ago (Edited 582d ago )

Just a heads up, Goldby. Gears 4 is native 1080p. It currently upscales to 4k on XB1S. MS has the 4K assets for the PC version of Gears 4 already. Scorpio is more than capable of native 4K on Gears and Forza, being 4.5 times more powerful than XB1. AMD says it takes less than 4x more power to go from 1080p to 4k.

What don't you understand about all this yet? iDadio should have directed his comment at you. E3 is going to be a field day with people like you having to eat so much crow for all the BS you're spouting now about Scorpio not being able to hit 4K. Better get your goalposts ready...

chrisoadamson582d ago

all first party games are true 4k 60fps pal... consoles are better optimised than pc which must cater for an endless amount of different rigs.

Thunder_G0d_Bane582d ago (Edited 582d ago )

Lool they are not native 4k pal. They are upscaled from 900/1080p to 4k. Not native 4k. Do your research. Start at digital foundry.

starchild582d ago

Well, on PC we've had these things called variable refresh rate monitors for a while now. Maintaining above 60fps at all times is not necessary. Higher framerates are always preferible to lower framerates, but I'm still getting an immensely playable experience even at framerates between 30fps and 60fps on my gsync monitor.

I have hundreds of games in my PC library and I can play all of them at 4k on my GTX 1070. I think there's one or two that I have to lower a couple less essential settings to keep my framerate above 30fps, but the majority of my games run at higher framerates. Even some current gen AAA games run at something like 70 to 100fps at 4k.

Any enthusiast PC gamer that doesn't have a Gsync or Freesync monitor is being foolish. There's no other purchase that has had nearly as large of a positive impact on my gaming as getting a Gsync monitor.

quent582d ago

I still believe 1440P/60fps is more realistic of a goal

--bienio--582d ago

Let's be honest. If we want play 4K games Pc is the place where all magic happen..

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