Mythic Head: "We're Not Scared Of World Of Warcraft"

Mythic head Mark Jacobs has stated the team aren't afraid to go head to head against World of Warcraft in the MMO market...

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iceice1234067d ago

They should be. 10 million strong and growing, it has shown no signs of stopping yet. I expect this one to crash and burn like AoC, it may last a few more months but it isn't going to go anywhere.

Pain4067d ago

Not everyone plans to play Wow for ever. one thing Blizz wont say is how many GamesWorkshop fans left to play WaR?

W.A.R wont crash and burn it will be a hit for its Fans and others.. mabey not main stream casual crowd...and if they ever port it to PS3/Xbox 2 like they said they would like to then lol Its GAME OVER for WoW.

Most play wow play it cuz its easy but the 'Real' crowd will leave it for something new and that is War as has been said lots in forums , And AoC sucked so that was bound to fail.

TheColbertinator4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

The problem is that the game has specs that are not for the casual PC gamer.WoW only needs 32MB to run while WAR requires 128MB.Many customers lost because of that decision.

Montrealien4067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

Pain! *hugs*

Nice to see you out here in the normal world with decent input. But I fully dissagree, even if Warhammer took 5 million people (which it won`t) WoW would still be king. With patch 3.0 coming out soon and WotLK dated and coming out in November Blizz is playing hardball against what is clearly a good contender in the MMO market. And it is sad to say but a huge amount of the WoW crowd don`t even know what warhammer is.

And yes, they are not scared because the reality is, even if they have 1 million paying subscribers, they are fine and dandy and the games workshop crowd will have their MMO up and running for a while.

Perjoss4067d ago

I dont think war is in the same league as aoc at all, aoc was complete cack and very buggy, war is not up to the level of polish that wow has but its still very good, the lore is solid and the gameplay is fun and it has a few tricks that wow does not, like the public quests which are actually more fun then you'd think and very nicely scripted.

I quite like their front line healer idea, where you have a healer class that is more effective while they are engaged in combat, other games just expect the healers to sit back and watch others fight while they only press heal.

JohnnyMann4204067d ago (Edited 4067d ago )

"The problem is that the game has specs that are not for the casual PC gamer.WoW only needs 32MB to run while WAR requires 128MB.Many customers lost because of that decision."

Steven Colbert... do you realize what you just said?

What are we in the year 2001?

Most people have around 2gigs+ ram in their system. Most people will simply play whatever they can play on their system and not really worry about 128 mbs.

I have never heard one person says... "Christ, I love to play "X" but nahh I refuse because it needs 128 mbs to run it"...ohh jesus, shut up.

If I ever hear someone say that... I will be the first person to punch them in their balls.


Icewake... (cough fanboy cough)....

tda-danny4067d ago

Did you play WoW at launch?

At launch, WARhammer is amazing, and if its this good already, I cannot wait until 3 years into its like cycle to see what kind of content is added!

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mirroredderorrim4067d ago

I would not be scared of Warcraft, I would be scared of Diablo III.

emazzuca4067d ago

"We're Not Scared Of World Of Warcraft"

lol what does that even mean?

Anyway, I was a devoted WoW fan, but like many, was ready for something else, and feel that the lich king offers very little of something new/fresh compared to what Warhammer offers.

Warhammer has tried to go their own way in a lot of different areas, and didn't simple try to make a wow clone or lineage clone.

The game is a lot of fun!

and there has never been anything wrong with a little healthy competition.

Wow will always remain on top (or at least for a long time) , but even taking one million away (roughly 10%) of their current subscribers, then they have already done a tremendous amount of damage from a financial point of view.

Bottom line is, they brought fresh new ideas to the table,

Warcraft , your move :)

JohnnyMann4204067d ago

...for a few million reasons....but here is a few.

1) There is room for more than one IP in the MMO Space

2) This game is solid, I own it, play it, love it.

3) I was a long time player of WoW and this game could and will hurt WoWs subscription base at least here in the states. It is so similar yet improves on many aspects of WoW.

The game rocks. If you like WoW you will like WAR. They are both great games.