Horizon Zero Dawn Global Sales Exceed 2.6 Million

Worldwide sales for Horizon: Zero Dawn exceeded 2.6 million units during its first two weeks of launch, Sony Interactive Entertainment announced.

The number includes both Blu-ray disc sell-through quantities and download version sales on the PlayStation Store.

The PlayStation 4 title was developed by Guerrilla Games and released worldwide starting February 28. It is the best-selling new first-party IP launch on PlayStation 4 to date and Guerrilla’s biggest ever debut.

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ninsigma2383d ago

Whoa awesome! Possibly the best game I've played this gen so it deserves all the success it gets.

blitz06232383d ago

That's great not just for Sony and GG, but it can encourage other devs and publishers that if done right, a new IP can be very rewarding, instead of milking a franchise

2383d ago
GtR35olution2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Amazing for a new ip and its success is well deserved. Definitely a guarantee of a sequel coming in the future.

FATAL1TY2383d ago

Horizon is a beast

The True Next Gen Open World experience

uptownsoul2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

Good job GG!!!

Critical Success + Commercial Success = New IP turning into Longterm Franchise!!!

UCForce2383d ago

Yup, looking at you, 343.

freshslicepizza2383d ago

UCForce don't blame 343, the pressure should be on Microsoft and their reluctance to keep creating new IPs.

I applaud Sony for allowing more creative freedom and Nintendo should also take note.

I predicted 4 million sales before the game came out, looks like I won't be far off.

MVGeneral2383d ago

I'm glad it's doing well. That means other developers take note. And it also means more horizon in the future.

darthv722383d ago

That's awesome. It looks like a really well crafted experience.

Muzikguy2383d ago

You'd think developers would already know this. They just stick to the "easy money" of milking

fr0sty2383d ago (Edited 2383d ago )

See that, Microsoft? Investing in new IPs DOES pay off! Now Sony has a solid franchise, and considering the first game is doing so well, it bodes very well for the future of the series.

XanderZane2382d ago

More like looking "Looking at you Hello Games! 343 hasn't worked on any New Ip's. They need to do some new IP's though. Same goes with Rare (Sea of Thieves is a nice start though).

As for Horizon, the game is great. Not surprised the sales are already in the millions. I would expect games like The Last of Us 2, Days Gone and GT Sport to also easily sell over 2 million when they are released.

nix2382d ago

Make that 2.6 plus 1 when i buy it. I just have too many backlogs to finish.

Ceaser98573612382d ago

Hello Games is an independent studio and NOT Sony owned , i guess you didnt know that did you? And yes 343 should give Halo a damn break and work on something new. They can take a page out from Playground Games if not Guerilla Games . I am happy to learn that PG is working on an open world game and its NOT Forza. Happy days ahead for us, Gamers.
And Congratulations GG you guys deserve all the success. I knew since day one (2015) that Horizon Zero Dawn gonna be great. Loving every minute of it. I can go on with this game. I hope they add New Game + mode :)

starchild2382d ago

Agreed. New IPs are always exciting. Especially when they turn out to be as good as Horizon Zero Dawn. The sales are well deserved. Congrats to Guerrilla Games on a job very well done.

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joab7772383d ago

Yep! Though with 40 million sold, this should sell at least 4 million or more. Anyone that is even thinking about this game, get it!!!! I'm not kidding! It sets a new bar for open world immersion. I bet I take 20 pics every time I play. It's absurd because you literally come accrossnjawbdroppijg vistas every 60 seconds.

With 4k Ive never seen anything like it. You can stand 1/2 from your TV and see NO pixels at all! It's nuts!

Combat is brilliant and the story has really surprised me!

81BX2383d ago

Holding off till I finish BOTW and ghostrecon but it's definitely on my radar. Hearing nothing but good things. Does it have repetitive missions?

Vizigoth042383d ago

Never spent so much time in photo mode in a game before this.

MRMagoo1232382d ago


not one mission is the same as the last , every mission has a reason and story.

MaximusTKG2382d ago


You will be doing alot of tracking, aka following a purple path. Alot of those. But still fun.


I'm not playing anymore untill the end of the month, that's when i get my 4k Samsung.

nyctophilia132382d ago

Its true, I have a 65 inch 4k OLED and the image is beautiful just inches away from the glass. For example, on the title screen you can get off your couch and walk up to the cliff on the left side of the screen and see baby Aloy's face clearly. I showed my wife while sitting 9 feet away and she didn't even know there was a baby there.

Kingdomcome2472382d ago

I've definitely run out of superlatives for this game. Any time I begin to praise the game, the praise is so effusive that it sounds like hyperbole, and makes me sound like a borderline schill. Lol. I'm smitten with the game, and have only completed 34% of the game, even though I have at least 75 hours into it already. I haven't spent a single second on another game since I grabbed my collector's edition at launch, and with all of the recent articles that have discussed the skepticism surrounding Mass Effect Andromeda's quality, it looks as though I can continue on at my leisurely pace, absorbing everything that Horizon: Zero Dawn has to offer. At this rate, I might still be completely engrossed with this game until my next highly anticipated game launches, and that's not until April when Prey releases.

sinjonezp2382d ago

I agree I have a PS4pro with an LG 4k HDR TV and when I tell you this game is the best looking game I have ever seen from a console game, it literally is an understatement. I don't care if you only have a ps4 and a 1080p TV, get this game you will not regret it. The story is great, the combat is better, and the open world experience is top notch. I cant say enough positive things about this title. Just GET IT.

mandingo2382d ago Show
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Aceman182383d ago

A hearty congrats to GG for their success with new IP

trooper_2383d ago

I'm not surprised. Well deserved.

GTgamer2383d ago

Ayeeeeee this Game Deserves it I platinumed it 2 weeks because exploring the world feels soooooo goooood

Nu2382d ago

With an install base of 40 million why aren't more players buying this sexy game?

IamTylerDurden12382d ago

Somehow you've managed to take two shots in one comment. There are over 54 million PS4s sold, not 40. I love how install base should automatically equal sales. So by that genius logic every game released on PS3 should've sold massively at the end of last gen. I wonder how the first uncharted game sold 6 million units a year after the PS3 launched.....

Every time a game sells well on PS4 and every time a game flops on xb1 the same ppl come out and blame it entirely on install base.

3-4-52382d ago

* Good for them. Really looking forward to trying this game out eventually when I get some time.

I'm still deep into Botw at the moment and I don't see myself completing the game in under 100 hours so it will be a while more.

I'll probably wait for a price drop at this point to like $40 and pick it up then.

I can't play same type of games back to back....I would get burnt out and it wouldn't be fair to Horizon, so I'll probably wait until summer to play it.