StarCraft 2 System Specs: Pixel Shader 2.0 and DirectX 10

Through information from Blizzard representative "Xordiah", and tech document from Blizzard leaked by AMD, continues to explore what system specs we will see in StarCraft II. It's also the best tip we have at any Diablo III specs at the moment.

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Maticus4073d ago

Great scoop, thanks ^ ^

Leord4073d ago

I'm really impressed by how much information you can get out of knowing the difference between DirectX 9 and 10. I thought it was just a little something they added exclusively to Vista to force people to use it...

JonahNL4073d ago

It basically does, but DX10 has some improved features over DX9. Better water effects is one of them. But as in the article, most games are DX9 based and we still haven't found the limit, just look at CoD4! Even NVIDIA is skipping DX10.1, which I think says enough. IMO, the next big thing will be DX11!

JsonHenry4073d ago

Nvidia is skipping DX 10.1 because they are going straight to DX11...

Wuushu4073d ago

GFX goodies! Thanks, this will allow me to plan ahead.. :)

AndyA4073d ago

Interesting article. Hope it will run ok on my rig.

Leord4073d ago

Actually, if you check his "main page" there, or that "tech paper" from Blizzard, there is a good set of guidelines on what can and can't run the game. Only the shader and Graphics cards have been confirmed from "open" Blizzard sources, but you come a long way with the right graphics card!

JonahNL4073d ago

Great article! I agree on the DX10 part, wondering what effects they might add. All DX10 usually does is improve the lighting and shadows... We'll see! Looking forward to your purchase guide! ^^

Leord4073d ago

Well, to a great extent that's what Pixel Shader 2.0 does as well. It does more, but that's one of the things you'll see clearly. Also water effects, but they are not particularly serious in SC2. Just a pool here or there.

Still, considering it's native to DX9, even Vista users will probably not see a huge increase in performance.

kalos4073d ago

Thank you for your appretiation :) Indeed I think DirectX 10 mode will be gimmick-y really and truely, even early this year they didn't know if there was going to be one when interviewed, now it looks as if there is going to be one but it is clear that it has just been pasted onto the proper base of the game effects; doesn't mean it'll be rubbish but it probably is going to be less developed and well done than the actual effects they've been working on for over four years as opposed to last minute slap-ons.

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